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How Good Are Kkk Turbos ?

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KKK is part of the Borg Warner conglomerate. They include others such as Schwitzer.

High quality gear but I think some of the technical info that Honeywell (Garrett) provides to the aftermarket/enthusiast is difficult to get. Very OEM focused.

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does these KKK turbos support white supremacy? :) (disclaimer: only jokes - i am black)

Hahahah! I always wondered why out of all things they named them "KKK" turbos :)

But yeah back on topic, very good turbos mate. Like said earlier, they are fitted to some of the worlds best factory turboed cars. :laugh:

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Some of my favorite turbos, BLITZ use KKK turbos fitted with Turbonetics wheels.... and they are some of the best turbos ive used full stop. The recent SUPRA i built runs a K5-700R and on a 3 litre absolutely rips 418rwkw and full boost around 4400 pulls all the way to 9000. i also had a K27 3070MOJ on my series 6 RX7 and it was a far better turbo than the GT35R i was talked into fitting instead.




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wow, didnt know that. shouldnt have any troubles putting one on an RB then ?? aside from manifold, dump blah blah blah, just need custom oil feed and return ?

Far out man, what a question - shouldn't have any troubles putting one on an RB? you've listed changing every single thing related to the turbo.

Couldn't possibly be anymore difficult could it? Manifold, dump, intercooler piping, oil feed and return, modification to water feed and return.

Could it get any harder?

Honestly, there are better options out there that are easier to fit and better priced

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just have a look at the blitz/uras r34 driven by ken nomura... thing absolutely shits tyres..

also look at trents overkill :D supra.. work of bloody art

great turbos, if i had the cash id use one...

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