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S A U N S W - Texi, Sos, 15Th July 2012


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Hey guys and gals!

You all know the drill, this thread means entries for Texi, July 15th, are now open smile.gif

Event: SAUNSW Texikhana, S.O.S. proudly supported by Unigroup Engineering

Location: Nirimba Airfield/TAFE/Skidpan - same place as last time (yeah, it's got a few names)

Location map: Click HERE biggrin.gif

Date: 15th July 2012

What is it: Skidpan + Go-To-Whoa

Lunch: BBQ and cans of soft drink available on site

Entry cost first timers: ONLY $35!

Entry cost SAUNSW members: ONLY $55!

Entry cost Non SAUNSW members: ONLY $75! (join the club, it pays for itself)

Spectators: Free to watch, BBQ will be $3 snag sandwich and $1.50 cans (selection of flavours available)

Passengers: Free, MUST sign on, MUST wear wrist to neck/ankle clothing with enclosed shoes and approved helmet, same as drivers

Courses: Released on the day at sign on

First timers: Don't be shy, you'll love it. First timer F.A.Q. (Thanks Owen) available HERE (Click me baby)

Those of you that have been to one of these before will agree, this is the best money you can spend as far as driving time for an event. The event will be run after run until 4.30pm, and considering most runs are under 1 minute AND that we're kicking off at 9am, that's a lot of runs wink.gif

This is a safe event where you only go as hard as you want to, there's no pressure, one car on a course at a time. Perfect for beginners to have a first try at driving their pride and joy off the streets.

With that said, there's usually some friendly competition between mates, which is great to watch smile.gif

Timing for the day;

Scrutineering/sign on starts 7.00am

Scrutineering/sign on ends 8.30am (don't show up at 8.25am, come with plenty of time to spare)

Drivers brief 8.40am (mandatory attendance all drivers)

Runs start 9.00am

Lunch approx 12.30pm depending on how the day is going (One hour)

Runs stop 4.45pm

Gates close 5.00pm

Entrants please note:

-All entered cars must arrive in time for and pass scrutineering, no exceptions.

-All drivers must be licensed (AASA or CAMS) and show valid licence and expiry date at sign on.

-All cars must have an insurance approved fire extinguisher secured within drivers reach.

-Sidepipes are not allowed. Screamers/external gates venting to atmosphere are also not allowed to be entered. No exceptions (this is not my choice, I ♥ gate)

-Entries are open now, entries close as stated in Supplementary Regulations (at bottom of this post) to allow time for officials to organise paperwork.

-Supp regs and Entry Form are attached. Entry forms without payment will be rejected.

-Yes you can join SAUNSW on the day (allow an extra 5mins at sign on)

-Yes you can organise an AASA or CAMS licence on the day (allow extra 10mins at sign on)

-There is no EFTPOS/Credit Card machine on site, so bring cash and we will have change there for you. If you can bring close to the right amount, that's helpful.

SAUNSW bank details:

Bank - NAB

Branch - Marrickville

Account name - Skylines Australia NSW

BSB - 082 356

Account number - 546 393 766

Please put your FULL NAME in the description, eg "TEXI JOE SMITH"

Need a reminder? This event is on Facebook, so click the link and click "attending" http://www.facebook....42810852457253/

Don't wait until the night before to enter. These events sell out, to avoid disappointment get onto it right now - you've been warned wink.gif

See you at the skidpan


Supp Regs Scrutineering and Entry Form.pdf

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Depends on the license..

Aasa is $50 let's u do texi and race at Wakefield.

Cams l2ns is $57 let's u do texi and Eastern creek skidpan/figure 8.

Cams l2s is $107 let's u race anywhere and do drifting etc.

Club membership is $60 for first year and $40 annually

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-Entries are open now, entries close 5pm 10th February to allow time for officials to organise paperwork.



Anyways, can I cash in on my freebie from the events previous??

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Sigh, hoisted by my own paperwork. I'll edit that later but for now it's fine. Enter fappy, first time you've had a car that will pass scrutiny! And yeah this can be your one on the club for helping out previously that's fine mate

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how do i get a cams l2s licence? can i get that on the day?

can be organised on the day no worries, but have either the cams L2NS or AASA form filled out prior to the event. There's plenty of time right now if you submit your application to get your fancy license/passbook in the mail

first timer FAQ linked in the first post will have links to the actual forms

These days are a lot of fun Benji give it a go if you haven't before :yes:

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