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Here is 400 Carb CHEV R33 Skyline by Brother is building.

Update : 23/2/05

Outside : The car has now been repainted. Its hot pink in direct sunlight and a purple in shade. House of Colour paint was used so it was hard to find a painter with enough skill as it is really hard to paint with.

Engine : The engine is still being rebuilt hopfully it will be done before the car is a antique ehehehe :wassup:

Interior : It now has a rollcage and white interior. I will try to get pics of the SAAS seats and interior on the weekend

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cool...i hope she has some bad boy cams....funny how its such an easy fit, i suppose its a pushrod v DOHC thing so the engine is narrower then say VH45...i want to hear an mpeg of the thing doing a big launch

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Be a slow to get going car...

WRX's and normal R33's would drill this into the ground.

Why would you assume that? If its a stock 205hp crate motor, then yeh she'd be a bit of a pig, but there are plenty of 350s throwing out some good numbers.... my boss has an ex HDT Monaro with a 327 with powerglide, has about 380hp and the thing is easy to launch and damn quick, will put my car to shame :D

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No the engine isnt stock but before i make estimates on power we will wait for the dyno sheet. This project has been going for 1 year and is now in its final stages. I will get video once its running and on the road.

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Does anyone else agree that this is somewhat of a "opposite" situation to putting an RB26DETT into a VL? ...hehehe, not saying that vee-bloody-eight is any match for a RB26 though!

lbfalcon: please tell us you took out an RB20E to put that V8 in...

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