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R33 GTST Series II Suspension Options Stock Upgrades


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Ive got a stock SII 1997 R33 GTST Coupe.

Would like some advice on aftermarket options.

Currently have stock 16"rims but going to replace with 18-19" rims.

Main use is daily driving and something solid in wet weather.

Car is running stock engine at this point.

Is it best to just buy a set of lowering springs after fitting the larger rims OR will that stress out the stock shock absorbers?

Or is there a good aftermarket coil over suspension set up on the market which I can purchase suitable for daily driving?

Main issue is I don't want to keep swapping/upgrading suspension as I slowly modify the vehicle.


Anyone recommend a supplier in VIC city areas that I can get quotes from?

Eg Bilstein, Cusco, Tein etc etc.

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Arms are additional.  Look at Hardrace brand with rubber bushes (rather than pillowball ends) for comfort and (better) street legality.  Be aware that once you start down this path, you are like someone who starts smoking meth >1 per week.  After 6 months you will be twitching and wondering where you can find more money to support your habit.

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Different sorts of fun.  Owners of old GTRs are more like the meth addict that have gotten to the point of picking scabs.  So far gone that they are unable to be retrieved.  Stuck in an ever faster spiral of expensive shit breaking and expensive upgrades to every major system of the car.  Owning a RWD Skyline is more like being a social dope smoker by comparison.

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9 hours ago, Coullsy said:

I would start with your suspension to be honest, a well handling car and be as much fun (if not more) than one with twice the power that handles like crap.

Trust me, a shit handling car with twice the power is where the fun is :1310_thumbsup_tone1:

Kind of like the first gen Kawasaki ZX10R's which were ludicrously over-powered, short wheelbase and extremely light, with no ABS or TCS. Kill you if you blink kind of bikes. If you wanted something that handled well you bought a Fireblade.

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One scary car I rode round a corner as a passenger was a brown Ford Escort Van. The centre gravity of those are scary as hell in the wet.

Pretty much owned every Gemini model from 76-84, TD wagon was pretty fun to drive.

Now moved up to a SI 94 R33 & now SII R33...



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Yep, let the fun begin. Aim to remove the hicas and replace with a canceller kit so that you get rid of the 4wheel steering. Prepare for hell getting the ball joints out. This is a mod for down the track though

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in my opinion, in order

-good tires: make more difference than almost anything

good brakes: almost never on the top of peoples list

swaybars: another huge difference and so cheap and easy

coilovers: agree on mca, dont go stiff rates, it does not make them work better

eliminate hicas: becuase its dumb

new bushes all round: pull out the subframe because again its just going to come out at some point, do this step properly and spend the coin

adjustable arms: to be done with the subframe out and when doing all bushes.

proper alignment: setup for how you intend to drive.

coilpacks: lets be honest we all end up buying them

exhaust: we all like a good exhaust, do the dumps/ front pipes too, cat back only a fart with no power gain

then into the power side: turbo, ect, fuel pump, injectors tune yada yada.kis your money goodbye



just my thoughts

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Don't bother replacing the springs mate. Just save up a bit and replace with a complete new set of Coilovers, you'll be happy that you did.


Can't speak for other brands, but I have HSD coilovers. I can't fault them and when I purchased them you can select your spring rate as well (not sure if they still do that these days). They are affordable and from memory have 3 different models varying from bargain basement to track specific.


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Very first mod, hicas eliminator (don't use the lock bars, the OEM HICAS ball joints are homo)

Second mod, coilovers like MCA

Third mod, rear camber arms, rear traction rods, front castor rods 

Four mod, 1.5 way LSD

Followed by better brake pads all round, like Intima SR pads, fresh fluid new lines 

Then go nuts with the power mods.. in that boat you'll need about 300kW+ for it to move.

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Not sure if I want to go too drastic and disable the HICAS.


But if installing coil overs , other suspension mods causes issues with HICAS then thats another issue I will look into beforehand i guess.

The car is a really well kept unmolested 1997 40th LP2 SII GTST coupe completely stock up to the original cassette player only a baby with 96,000kms , import papers, original log book, I'm the 1st Aussie owner so wanna keep that vibe with a few simple mods.

If I decide to go ballistic I reckon I'll save up and buy a GTR SII and watch my wallet turn into flames along with my bank account. [emoji846]








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