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Ecr33 IMPUL speedometer

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Ecr33 IMPUL speedometer

I have for sale a super rare ecr33 impul speedometer working havent seen many of these online. Currently not installed in my car but can install and take photos and videos to show its working.

location: Kadena, Okinawa 

Email: [email protected]

phone number(only if you have iphone for imessages) : +108047936767 or send me your number and ill message you if that's not working.


I'm willing to ship internationally apart from asia,china,russia, and such After winning ill get you a shipping quote with insurance.(shouldn't be more than 30$ going anywhere as the speedometers not heavy.

price is 500$ unless there are more than one intended buyers the one who sends me the highest offer gets it.


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4 hours ago, admS15 said:

What's that off, GTS r33? Tach redline is at 6.5k and only goes to 8k rpm. No boost gauge either.

Honestly I dont know why so many people care about the boost guage one which I have in my car it only goes up to 7 if im not mistaken kinda pointless if you ask me especially if you get an aftermarket one and are pushing more than 7psi.

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