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If anyone is still in here...


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Looking for a recommendations for good Victorian panel beater to do some work on a R33 GT-R.

Going through the threads on here I found MiColour recommended in the past but looks like they might have closed back in 2017? Is there anyone in here with recent experiences of taking their Skylines or GT-Rs to a panel shop and have had a good experience (and would be happy to recommend them)?

I have damaged rear quarter panel I need some work done on.

And also where the hell is everyone going to discuss their Skylines/ GT-Rs these days?!? It's bloody dead in here!

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I've had Imperial Finish Body Works in Springvale do both insurance work and touch-up work and I've always been happy.  But it has been about 10 years since I've needed them do anything. So I can't give you a recent review.

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  • 1 month later...

SAU has died in the a$$ with the advent of Facebook. All the GTR pages there are thriving. Heaps of GTRs owners from all over Aus connecting and heaps of parts going round..a tonne of experience too and quick replies. There's some old threads here full of helpful info but unfortunately as Skylines have aged and mostly disappeared so has SAU....I occasionally check the 'for sale' threads here but even they're dead.

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On 8/15/2020 at 4:48 AM, 20thousandRPM said:

And also where the hell is everyone going to discuss their Skylines/ GT-Rs these days?!? It's bloody dead in here!

And your MAGNIFICENT contribution to this site, 10 posts in 9 years... go and complain on bookface,you are just another oxygen thief

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  • 8 months later...

I don’t believe the gtr or import scene is dead. Its just evolved, and cat culture is now moving to a younger generation of people and cars. 90s and early 2000s imports are more expensive because everyone who had them back in the day want them again and will pay to dollar, while the younger drivers with not a lot of money can’t afford them and are switching to 86s and Golfs and Renaults. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a passing of the torch.

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It also has to do with the advent of forums vs social media/IG etc.

The communities foster different types of content, with current social media being along the lines of instant communication whereas a forum is more like email.

In depth discussion/technical information is pointless via IG/FB groups, but things like build threads or very quick questions work really well there. People generally do gravitate to asking very quick things on very complicated concepts (lol) which explains why people are there.

The amount of times I've written a massive reply to a very ill thought out quick question is kinda staggering. The sad thing is I'd have to do it many many many times on a platform like that, as opposed to this which is far more stable/searchable/centrally accessed. Generally the posts here follow the topic/question whereas in SM they follow the poster/person.

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    • The alternator was replaced because I've had another Nissan do the same thing. Dash and all accessories go out, but car still turns over and runs. Verdict was a bad alternator. I took the same approach with this one only instead of sticking with the same 80-90 amp alternator I upgraded it to a 140 amp.  That's the problem with owning pre-owned cars. You never know what the previous owner did/hacked up. I figured this would be the along the lines of the replies I'd get though. Thanks for the help.  I'm open to other suggestions or recommendations. I appreciate the help in advance. 
    • So..... I have a s15 Silvia that we converted awd by chopping up a gts-4 shell..  Car makes about 500hp to the wheels...  Cars fitted with a  twin disc spec clutch and the awd is controlled by a ets pro..  Awd works perfect... Launched the car couple of times while the awd controller was in auto mode and all was fine.. Launched the car manual mode full awd  front diff survived 2 launch.. Replaced the spider gears that were damaged launched the car again and still managed to strip the spider gears again..    At this point I'm looking at getting a os giken lsd....  I've never heard of these diff breaking this easily.. At the time of launch the car was down on boost only making around 380hp....  The diff front and back ratio are the same.... Can something else be causing the gears to break so easily or I'm I just having bad luck with 2 worn out differential 
    • I found their services poor 1. on a few occasions they were unable to locate my work address, unlike every other courier service 2. they had some items listed for delivery that day, but item was not delivered for weeks 3. I had to head into their distribution center on 2 occasions and pick them up from there 4. items have been returned to sender a. Couldn't find address b. They never called to contact number supplied c. Claimed item was delivered, only for me to find that the item was returned to sender d. Claimed the item was delivered when it wasn't, claimed courier had the item signed for, but when questioned and we asked for evidence of this, it turned out, after a day or two, they found the item, to which I had to head into their distribution center  Opinions may vary 
    • I would suggest that you stop doing what you are doing and take the car to an auto-electrician. I don't think replacing the alternator was likely to be the correct response to what appears to be a wiring problem elsewhere. The likelihood that we can diagnose what the real problem is across the internet is, on all previous evidence, f**k all.
    • Hey guys. I got a question. My old alternator (stock 80 amp) I felt was going out (dash cluster, lights,windows, mirrors would all stop working - car still turned on and worked just no accessories intermittently) I replaced it with a 140 amp alternator and the black wire on my fusible link got super hot and seemed to be melting the wire so I immediately shut it off. I ordered a stock replacement, shown below but it won't be in for a little bit (coming from Japan) in the mean time I replaced that highlighted wire in the first picture (fusible link) with a 10 gauge (30 amp) wire. It still feels warm to touch but not hot like the old smaller wire (IDK what size gauge it was maybe a 16 or something) My question is is the fusible link feeling warm to touch bad? What size gauge is the stock wire? I read that a fusible link is supposed to be smaller to protect the main wire it's linked too.  Appreciate the help. 
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