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  1. SAU has died in the a$$ with the advent of Facebook. All the GTR pages there are thriving. Heaps of GTRs owners from all over Aus connecting and heaps of parts going round..a tonne of experience too and quick replies. There's some old threads here full of helpful info but unfortunately as Skylines have aged and mostly disappeared so has SAU....I occasionally check the 'for sale' threads here but even they're dead.
  2. Front and rear seats from 2002 R34 GTR V spec II. Passenger and rear seats in immaculate condition. No signs of wear. Drivers seat has usual bolster wear and small blemish in fabric (see photos). Will not separate front and rears, selling as a whole set. Price is in line (and lower even) with most recent eBay and Yahoo Auction Japan prices so please no low balls. Price is a firm $10k for the whole set. Rare to come by so if you've been waiting for a set don't miss out. Worldwide shipping can be organised at buyer's expense.
  3. https://m.facebook.com/story/graphql_permalink/?graphql_id=UzpfSTEwMDAwNTI2ODMzMjUwMTpWSzoxNzI3NjcxNDg3Mzg1Mzk2 Interesting read
  4. Just to confirm being on Skylines Australia, you are asking $2300 AUD?
  5. Wouldn't it be the other way around? Ie. Wouldn't Snap on want that leakage bound to be conservative to avoid the scenario where an engine is actually f****d and the guage implies it's in good condition? Regardless, it's not just Snap on. All the guages I've seen have the same bound for low leakage being 40%.
  6. Ok cheers. Also with the various ranges for acceptable leakage often being quoted at <10%, <20% , <30%, why then do all the leak down guages show it being "low" and in the 'green' under 40%? See pic attached for reference
  7. Big ring gaps would cause low compression on a comp test but this particular engine is reading 162-170 psi across all cylinders.
  8. I have heard from a reputable GTR workshop that it can though I did not get the chance to ask them why ?
  9. I've heard and read various things regarding what is and isn't normal ranges for leak-down tests. Some sources say anything over 10% requires attention, others say over 30% is catastrophic and in need of rebuild, yet the tools used to perform such tests often show that 10-40% leak-down is considered 'low'. On the flipside, I have also heard that high duration camshafts and other variables can cause healthy engines to give readings of 30%+. In this particular instance also, a compression test showed nothing of concern and all cylinders were within 8psi of each other. 1. What else can cause leak-down test results to be 'high' in a healthy engine? 2. Can truly healthy engines produce high leak-down test results? 3. If high-duration camshafts can be the cause of high leak-down results, why do they cause this? 4. Are leak-down tests reliable measures of engine health for moderately worked engines? i.e. are the definitions of high and low results only relevant for standard cars? Any definitive insight (rather than speculation) would be much appreciated.
  10. If only these were a bit wider and a square set I'd take them off you!
  11. LOL some bloke inboxed me last week asking me to "throw him an offer" on parts I had listed for sale!!! ????
  12. Selling BRZ parts on a Skyline forum probably won't happen very quickly ?
  13. I saw something like this the other day on facebook. Someone randomly posted "wtb any supra any price". LOL.....ummm carsales ???
  14. Have three R34 GTR V-spec II (silver stitching) steering wheels for sale. 2 brand new in packaging, $1100 each. 1 used, has seen better days on one side, looks like owner wore a few rings, $350. Airbags not included with any of them. Can provide pics for serious enquirers. - Mike
  15. Just after the piece of plastic that goes in front of the MFD screen - NOT the replacable film that covers it, but the thick piece of what looks like tinted perspex that sits in front of that. Have seen many DIY MFD repair posts but none that actually address where to get that piece of plastic should you need to swap it on your resto job. Looks to be like some sort of filter. Happy to buy anything larger and cut to size if need be. Any ideas or pointers much appreciated.
  16. There's Melbourne GTR Owners Club on facebook. Organises hill runs, cruises and social meets - they've run cruises with 45+ GTRs before. Also a few other loosely associated GTR groups around though seems to be taboo speaking of them here ?. All have an unspoken (sometimes spoken lol) GTR policy. V Spec performance and GT car club also organise big GTR-only events. Once you start meeting the GTR guys at these things you'll know the cars and faces across Melbourne and get the personal invites....friendly bunch. Love cars generally but GTRs more so.
  17. Hey man sure am. That would be great!! I've pulled it apart and reassembled it 3 times and still no good!
  18. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows of an electronics wizard. Not an auto elec, but someone who can actually open and fix electronics. I disassmbled my MFD to replace the screen with a new one - not an overly difficult process but it's a delicate one that requires patience. Did it once before to replace the screen film. However this time in changing the whole screen I seem to have damaged something and I cannot get the screen to fully illuminate. My guess is I frayed one of the connector pins on the cable ribbon inside the unit when I tried to force it back into place, but I'm not sure... Any help would be greatly aopreciated.
  19. MASSIVE price drop - Advan RS now $2000 - Will not find cheaper anywhere in the world - ever Nismo Weldina Exhaust now $600 - also will not find cheaper anywhere and also discontinued Centre Trim SOLD Headlights SOLD R34 GTR V-spec II turbos $500 for both R34 GTR V-spec II radiator $300 R34 GTR V-spec II intercooler immac condition $500
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