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So starting a separate build thread for the race car as its about to go through another small build/update. 

Original build starts around page 2 https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/472170-robs-sil80-more-skyline-than-s-chassis/page/2/


The car has been great since originally putting it together but after 18 months of use it is showing a lot of signs of use. So after the last event it was showing signs of heavy blow by and lower compression since last compression test 150ish down to 115. Decided to pull the engine out and do a freshen up with rings, bearings and gaskets but after pulling off the turbo found oil had been leaking into both housings. After a bit of investigation I found the restrictor wasn't a restrictor but just an adapter 😅



Wasn't going to pull the motor down as found where the oil was coming from but I just kept thinking while the engines out......... 



Spent the afternoon stripping it down and I was surprised with what I found 


This was the worst of the 2 rod bearings and one of the mains had marks in it along with the exhaust cam. Cylinders 1 & 2 both had marks in the bores so hopefully honing will help.


Seeing a machine shop later in the week to see what can be done. Will definitely be doing rods and pistons now. 

While the engines out I'll be tidying up the engine bay. Fix the hacked up cooler holes, dodgy tower repairs, clean up wiring and a new colour maybe silver or grey to help spot leaks. 


Specs as of 13 october 2020

Engine- sr20
arp headstuds
metal head gasket
gtx gen2 2867
1350cc injectors
Aeroflow fuel reg
walbro 460L
Link G4+ ECU
3 inch exhaust
turbosmart BOV

s14 5 speed
NPC RB Heavy duty conversion clutch
4.3 diff ratio
Nismo centre
5 bolt axels

Suspension & brakes
s15 5 stud
urethane bushes
MCA X-R coilovers
whiteline sway bars
kazama rear camber, toe & traction arms
gktech castor arms
r33 brakes unknown rotors
Elig race pads front, street pads rear
hel braided lines

wheels & tyres
TE37 17x9 +22
255 40 17 Advan A050

Cobra suzuka seat
5 point harness
AGI Half cage
Defi guages- water & oil temp, oil pres & boost
works bell quick release
keys racing suede wheel
battery in rear seat area

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Been slowly collecting parts and the new internals arrived this week so engine was dropped off for machining. Just going to get crank linished, rotating assembly balanced and deck the block. Heads getting hot washed then returned so I can start porting it before being machined. 


Hit some suspect areas in the engine bay with a wire wheel and found some dodgy repairs 



Plan is to sand blast the bay and see how bad it is. 

Also got to see the plans for the new track and stage 1 looks good but is now 12 months away so going to try and get the car all sorted for japnats at QR in April 



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11 minutes ago, iruvyouskyrine said:

Where is this new track at? That bearing wear is unbelieveable haha, making any noises? did you have an oil pressure sensor?

Track is 40 mins west of Townsville at Calcium.
No noise but I have an oil pressure guage and it did show low pressure a few times at idle in the last sprint session. Will be wiring a pressure sensor to ecu and setting up a rpm limiter on the new motor.

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  • 3 weeks later...

New year updates

Got the engine back a few days before Xmas and everything was here ready for the build.

Did some prep of rebleeding the lifters, cleaning the cam caps and rockers, Clean and primed oil pump, linished the crank and did a board of torque settings & clearances.


gave the block a really good clean and blew it out with compressed air ready for final measure and assembly
Gapped the rings, assembled piston & rods and got into it. Had the rotating assembly in first then had a bit of spare time left so got the head on too.


Before i put the cams in I had to helicoil a cam bolt thread and with that done got the top end assembled. Ended up doing it twice as I thought I had the inlet cam a few teeth off but was fine, nothing wrong with double checking.
I put the sump on with all fresh gasket sealant and started threading in the bolts to find the rear 2 were stripped so off with the sump, ran a tap thru and put it on only to find bolts still not grabbing :rant: so just ended up chucking new bottom on to seal the engine until I get another helicoil kit. Got a heap of little bits on but still need new fan bolts, paint cam cover & port/tidy exhaust manifold.


Bar a few little things its 90% done, been pretty satisfying so far but will see how it all goes when I go to run it :7_sweat_smile:

Fixed up 2 of the castor box nuts that had broken off the frame and patched part of the chassis which was damaged, welded plates into the castor boxes and fitted new lca with plates & new ball joints.

Will get the few keep doing small bits as need to do a big clean up and reorganise the shed to install the hoist 


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  • 5 months later...

Been nothing happening for a while as got the sil80 going and been trying to decide what direction to go but have been doing the important things like painting cam cover and making heat shield for the turbo. 


Fitted some more lights to the work area in the shed and converted to LEDs. Heaps better with the extra lights. 


Pulled out the ecu and loom this week to start planning a new loom with extra sensors and inputs. 


Considering going DBW as liking it on the other car. So will have to send ecu back to link for modding. 

Car is booked in to get the engine bay and under side blasted end of July so have to get a move on stripping. 

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More progress 

Found more damage around drivers side footwell, reckon the wheel has been pushed up there at one point and some rust on the seams but all fixable 



Had  a go at trying to straighten the rails where they have been hit


Planned most of the new engine loom and moving to the body. Going to use factory light and wiper switches and add a panel for every thing else. 

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On 7/3/2021 at 4:23 PM, admS15 said:

How did the rail straightening work out. Did it improve it much?

Got the sides done but need to get a a slide hammer to do the bottom. 

They are pretty thin metal, surprised the ghetto setup worked

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  • 5 months later...

Been doing a bit of work again on this car to get it ready for some racing next year.  Test day has been booked for 17th February at Morgan Park.

Finished off seam welding and fixing a few holes and previous damage



Started repairs on front end and cutting out the tubs ready for Kelway replacements




Full cage and rewire has been put on hold as getting ready to move back down to Ipswich, bought a new house and need to build a new shed to house all the cars, have a good idea on size and layout with a few improvements over current place.


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With motivation to having to move next year more progress is being made.

Tubs welded in and engine bay primed





Also made up a basic sheet metal bender to start making up a few things like catch can, radiator/intercooler mounts and ducting. Bends 2mm alloy easily and 1mm steel.



Got a bit of sanding to do over xmas/new year then will paint bay and interior in satin white.

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Been a big push last few weeks getting the car ready for paint and reassembly.
Wire wheeled all the brackets for the dash and centre console, gave them a fresh coat of black paint. 
Pulled the castor brackets out cleaned them up and got a coat of satin black too.
Went to spray the engine bay just before New Years and that was a big fail as I hadn't cleaned the spray gun properly and it was too hot & humid.

So while I was waiting for shops to open back up started making a new catch can, its over kill but good fab project.
20220103_152201.thumb.jpg.75ed8c8adedceafba99d35a2c6cbe71c.jpg 20220105_205627.thumb.jpg.c88ca3a5c7dbf160462959b2606c4f66.jpg 20220105_230807.thumb.jpg.d07621e96eb4727b5c659cd85f4f44fb.jpg
Fast forward 2 weeks and was able to finally get more paint. Resanded the engine bay & interior and gave it all a fresh coat of satin white. It looks much better all painted.
20220111_154159.thumb.jpg.3cf609bda064c51183b4fbb395e8aad9.jpg  20220111_154236.thumb.jpg.2a31477aa932008895b32dd4c9df504f.jpg

Plans to get the engine and gearbox back in saturday and start getting it ready to run. Got a few new brackets to fab up for power steering res, overflow and fuse boxes.

AND because I don't have enough projects........
2007 Hyundai Getz that I am building for Hot Hatch Cup Australia 

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Been slowly chipping away finished catch can and plumbed it. Made new support bracket for radiator and intercooler, will need to mod one intercooler pipe and intake pipe.



Made a shroud for new Maradyne fan and mounted oil cooler on it too . it has a divider to separate airflow.


Sorted fuel system this afternoon with new lines,filter, pressure sensor and mounted ethanol sensor. Fitted a new fuel pump with wiring bulkheads.


Going to start with tidying up and reinstall the body and engine looms. Need to wire a few new sensors .

Planning to test cooling system for leaks as well.


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