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Howdy friends,

I found a few posts on 3D printing but thought I might start a thread to consolidate the bits and pieces I make for the my R32 Skyline and update the original post as I go.

I only recently got into this hobby and for some of those obscure parts which are difficult to locate part numbers, or are no longer in production, the 3D printer is a pretty useful resource, albeit there will always be some cosmetic limitations.

I'll list model files on my Printables account for those with their own printers so you can download and print at your leisure.

If anybody has any ideas on parts they can't locate and want me to have a crack at making something, feel free to post below and I might be able to help out 🙂



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Exactly ha ha XD

That movie has aged terribly ha ha, I do miss my old Nokia to be totally honest 

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