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Quick motoring attitude poll.


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I'm doing this survey on behalf of Oz Drive (the Australian Drivers Group) and would appreciate it if you all took part, there's no right or wrong answer, we are just trying to guage peoples attitudes.

Hypothetical situation:

You're driving along in a suburban street, in your mirror, you see another car closing fast, doing 80 or 90 in a 50 zone. Would you?

A) Ignore them and stay at your current speed

B) Speed up

C) Slow down

D) Pull over and let them go past

Thanks for your participation.

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Match their speed once they're next to me, tap the horn 3 times to signal it's on, then go for it :P

Just kidding, I'd probably drive at my current speed if not slow down a little. I'd be constantly watching them in my mirror to make sure they're not going to hit me though.

EDIT: I guess that means my answer is A :wave:

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A until they hassle me.

C if they tailgate REAL close and are giving the bird etc.

D if they obviously wanna get past, but aren't being tools about it.

BTW my mate had this happen today, he stayed at 50, commodore got angry, had a wheel brace (the rod type ones) out the window waving around...ended up taking a short cut(well long cut but went fast) and throw a bottle of brake fluid at the car when he got out in front, then took off ...mate chased him..ended up out the front with the guy with the iron and him nothing, the wuss wouldnt come onto the road tho (ie. mate didnt wanna trespass and the hero was a wuss)

Cops rolled past at the time, so now they are going to caught.

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