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Camera Reviews


Recommended Posts

Camera: Sony DSC H5

Price Range: $600-$800 from ebay.

Date of Review: August, 2006

Like? I've pretty much just taken this camera straight out of the box, had a bit of a play with it and slightly changed the settings and gone through the different photo choices I have (night, day, etc).

So far, I'm very impressed with the outcome it's actually given me. The LCD on the back of the camera is somewhat bigger then any other LCD i've seen (yep, full 3 inch LCD screen).

The zoom with its focus is outstanding. I've pretty much sat at the same distance I would usually in front of a monitor with my camera and have zoom in and still was able to read the words perfectly clear.

This 12x zoom with 7.2megapixels is awesome!

Dislike? Found nothing to dislike about it yet. Only one small problem I have come across is when holding this camera for a while, my left hand was a bit sore but probably from holding the camera in the same palm position as my right hand was doing more moving using the buttons at my finger tips.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Sample picture:

From the first pic, thats the distance i was sitting from that brown box and then I started to zoom in gaining better focus as I played with some of the settings.

post-22617-1156891502.jpg post-22617-1156891517.jpg post-22617-1156891532.jpg post-22617-1156891547.jpg

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Camera: Fuji Finepix 9500

Price Range: $700 July 06

Date of Review: 6/09/06

Like? Advanced features of an SLR. Takes great pics in all light conditions. Single lense, 10X optical zoom and a real wide angle. Night bulb mode for extra long exposure. High ISO shots (400+) are actually not bad. Cheap.

Dislike? Not a real SLR. Slow Autofocus compared to SLR. No real image stabilisation (it boosts ISO up and increases shutter speed instead). Although pics come out quite good in my eyes its not as good as an SLR

Rating: 8 out of 10

Sample picture:

I took this last weekend at Mcmahons point, was surprised by how well it came out





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recent cameras I've had.

Sony DSC T1. Can't remember what it cost, I bought it in Japan.

Like: tiny camera, massive screen, good battery life. good specs. looks awesome.

dislike: no view finder (screen only), need a very, very steady hand to avoid image blur. only takes sony mem stick. overall I didn't like it very much. It was hard to get good photos out of it. ended up giving it to my mum.

rating 5/10

Canon S50 bought it probably 5 years ago overseas for $500 when they were $1K here. It's 5 megapixel, 3X zoom etc.

likes: fairly small, has both view finder, and screen. fairly rugged. takes CF cards, uses the same battery pack as nearly all canon cameras including D-SLRs. takes great pictures very easily, and no need for the trip-pod like steadiness that the sony required. colours look truer than the sony too, which seemed to make everything extra rich. I would probably still be using it, but I broke it in a nightclub in Tokyo.

8/10 (for a semi-compact camera)


Canon 400D. costs around $1800 with a basic lens.

likes: good entry level DSLR. 10.1 megapixel, 9 point AF, self cleaning sensor, very easy to use, but you still have full control over everything. plus it uses CF cards, and the regular small canon batterys. nice desing, and takes very nice pics. It's a great camera.

dislikes: not much.

rating 9/10. Very good value I reckon.

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Camera: Olympus E500 DSLR

Price Range: Approx. $1200 (With Dual Lens Kit) Still available at this price.

Date of Review: 28/02/07

Like? Many advanced features (some of which I am still working out). Takes great pics in all light conditions. Does all ranges and ISO settings (ISO100-ISO1600). Built-in flash with optional bayonet for external flash. Pre-set options for almost any scenario. Very light for a full size DSLR. Has full manual or auto settings. 2.5 inch screen. Can take an XD-card and a compact-flash card simulatiously, good for very large capacity photographers. Battery can last for longer than it takes to fill a 1GB memory card on high quality. Up to 8MP quality at optimum performance.

Dislike? The flash goes balistic when the camera is trying to auto focus in low light, even when a high iso setting or slow shutter speed it set (sometimes it doesn't even use the flash after doing this). With all attachments and equipment together (ie. lenses and flash, etc.), the whole bag can be quite bulky and heavy. Can't take a standard SD-card, accessories can be more expensive than some competitors. Other than that, quite a good all round camera for the amature and professional alike.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Sample picture:


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Camera: Canon 30D

Lenses: Canon 24-70L f2.8, Sigma 30mm f1.4, Canon 580EX (flash)

Price Range: $1800 30D body, $2000 24-70L, $550 30mm

Like? Extremely fast startup (0.15s), awesome picture quality, low noise at high ISO, magnesium body (can take a hard knock), fast and accurate a/f, has enough extra options for me to use.

Dislike? 1.6x crop factor, not weatherproof, would like it to be a 1dsMkIII =(

Rating: 9/10 - I love it.

Sample picture: Will post when I'm at home.

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camera - Pentax K10D

lens - body only (using 2 kit lenses from MZ60)

price range - 970 - 1500+ (june '07) got mine for $1150 HK/eblah

likes? - fast, all the usual stuff DSLR's have these days, 72 seals through-out body..so dust AND weather proof. CCD sensor dust removal thingy (shakes ccd), 10.2MP, Shake Reduction system, 2.5" screen, front AND rear scroll wheels for fast shutter and exp set..ALL older Pentax lenses fit if they are bayonet style!!

dislikes? - ???dunno just got it...but body could be bigger for my big ass hands!! although, thumb and fore finger lay on top of the wheels...spose thats good!?!

rating - 9/10 till i get used to it ...then prolly 10/10!!

sample pic - still to take something worthy. but maybe this'll do for the mo...

edited: changed to a better pic of the same car 3 mths on!!


Edited by dodgsun
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Camera: Canon 1dmk2n

Lenses: sigma 24-70 and 70-200 f2.8

Price Range: $5300 - body only - 70-200 $1400 - 24-70 -$700

Like? 8 megapixel, 8 frames per second (sounds like a machine gun), dust and drip resistant, 2x memory card slots

Dislike? Weight and Price

Rating: 9/10

Sample picture: both samples taken with sigma 70-200 f2.8 and manfrotto monopod

second picture taken using Canon 580EX speedlight (both camera and speedlite in manual mode)



Camera: Canon Eos 350d

Lenses: sigma 24-70 and 70-200 f2.8, Canon 18-55

Price Range: $1500 with 18-55 when i got it, much cheaper now - 70-200 $1400 - 24-70 -$700

Like? 8 megapixel, 3 frames per second, nice and light, fairly cheap and takes good pictures, great camera for learning with

Dislike? feels like a toy after the 1d

Rating: 8/10

Sample picture: taken with sigma 70-200 f2.8 and 2x teleconverter (effective focal length - 140-400mm f5.6)


Edited by Echo63
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Camera: Canon 350D with 18-55mm and 75-300mm lenses

Price Range: Bought it second hand for $1000

Date of Review: August 2007

Like? Good for a first SLR camera..8mp

Dislike? Shutter sound sounds like a toy

Rating: 7 out of 10

Sample picture:


Camera: Nikon D200 with 18-200mm VR, 170-500mm, 10-20mm lenses

Price Range: $4500-5500 with everything there?

Date of Review: August 2007

Like? Good quality camera

Dislike? It's a Nikon :P

Rating: 8 out of 10

Sample picture:


Camera: Canon 30D with 17-85mm IS USM and 100-400mm L IS USM lenses

Price Range: Too much :(

Date of Review: August 2007

Like? Awesome camera

Dislike? Could be a bit higher MP

Rating: 8 out of 10

Sample picture:



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  • 4 months later...

its not really a review as Ive only just got it and its my first DSLR


my partner bought me a Pentax K100D and several lenses and stuff for xmas. unsure how to use it properly yet, but his parents bought me a 4 night course on photography on basically all I need to know to get me started.

Anyone else used this before? any common tips or how too's that I could pick up?

cant wait to get started :banana:

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  • 5 months later...

Hope you enjoyed your K100D.

Camera: Pentax K100D Super

Lenses: Sigma 18-55mm and Sigma 70-300mm

Bought: around August 2007

Price: Body, Lens, 5 year extended warranty, 2GB SD card, batteries, 2XUV filters, 2Xpolarized filters, camera bag for $800 at JB hi-fi


1. Does everything asked of it for an entry-level DSLR

2. Feature-packed: Shake reduction, Dust removal, SDHC compatible

3. Great sensor, good quality images.

4. Solid metal body construction

5. Compatibility with ALL Pentax lenses.

6. Cheapest DSLR on the market at the time! Great for beginners!


1. Tiny buffer (can take 3 continuous images in about 1 sec then slows to a crawl)

2. Images only 6.1MP, lower than some digicams. Quality doesn't suffer at A4-A3, but if you want to enlarge more than that get a better camera.

Rating: 9/10

The best bang-for-your buck DSLR available. These images were taken the first day I bought the camera. I had no prior SLR experience, so if the pics look decent it's all the camera. The lenses are the cheapo big zoom Sigma ones that came with it, but if you upgrade to a Pentax prime lens they should look much better.

This camera is perfect for those just starting out into the world of DSLR. Once you have mastered it, you would have earned the skills necessary to take advantage of the extra features on a more expensive DSLR (ie., when the Pentax becomes the limiting factor in your pursuits, not your skills).



Edited by Phatboy
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canon 40D $1100 aussie in hong kong with 17-85mm lens

canon G9

10/10 for both

they are both amazing cameras and the G9 is so perfect when away with work... small but takes PRO SLR pics... RAW format also!

40D with 6.5 frames a second is pure porn...

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What do you guys believe is the better brand of DSLR?

I'm really looking to buy one after xmas but am unsure as to which I should go for. I'd ideally like to be able to upgrade lenses etc cheaply and easily. What's a good entry level dslr to buy?


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  • 2 weeks later...

At the moment the best entry level one I would buy to learn with would be a 450D Canon. Can get heaps of lens' of varying quality to fit them also (Tamron, Sigma & Canon etc.).

Im a Canon boy, have used a Nikon D60x & didn't really like it. Panning shots with it were difficult and when using VR in one of the lens' It made like a kaleidoscope effect with 3 cars in the pic. This could have been my error but has affected my view on Nikon.

I now use a Canon 40D and absolutely love it. Hope to move onto a 1D soon however.

Edited by mr_squiggle_1
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