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    • By Matt Z
      Hey guys,
      I’ve got an manual R34 GTV (the GT model with factory gtt lsd, brakes, suspension).
      I’m looking to do a RB25DET neo swap. 
      I’ve heard that the GTV only came with the RB20 box like the GT’s, so I’ve already swapped in the RB25DET GTT box with a new clutch. 
      The RB25DET I’m looking at comes with complete hot and cold sides, ecu, engine loom and alternator. Is there anything else that I need to complete the swap? 
    • By BeefaxeGTR
      R32 gtr billet brake line bracket set. Includes 2 x brackets on firewall and 1 x bracket near brake booster. Easily mounted to original location points, no special tools or drilling required. Include all bolt and rubber inserts. 
      $84 for a set plus $9 shipping in australia 
      Contact me here or on Facebook.

    • By Kapr
      First of all sorry for my english 🙂
      Iam looking for a Skyline R34 and in the meantime iam gathering as much info i can get.
      But one i kinda dont get.
      I can get R34 GT-FOUR(4WD non turbo RB25DE) way cheaper cuz nobody really wants them so much(right now)
      I already asked and it is nonsense to "put on a turbo" 
      So question is. What type of RB25DET i need for GT-FOUR AWD swap?
      I thinked any type of RB25DET would suffice but now iam learning that "only" Stagea RB25DET(C34?) can be swaped cuz of the AWD ATESA system? Or can it be different? 

      I know it is way better to just buy GT-T but this have a potential to be "good" AWD car...and i can get it like for the half of a price of GT-T
      Thanks for the info...or any information about GT-FOUR version of R34(it is hard to get)

    • By DrR34Gtr
      Going Single turbo Sale,  The following items came off my BNR34 running twin -5’s 350 kw on pump and are all in good nick.
      happy to post at buyers expense. All items located in parramatta area NSW pick up welcome.
      greddy suction kit - some minor Wear and rub marks mostly out of sight, has all the silicon joiners, and original mounting brackets, high quality murray hose clamps, Z32 adapter harnesses. Comes with the HKS Z32 size mafless pipes. all the pipes are still nicely polished and clean. Supplied with Brand new filter elements. Ive ordered the filter elements from japan and will have them in week or so just fyi.
      $1100 ono

      HKS RB26 front pipes to suit stock framed turbos -5’s etc. good polish and they will come up new
      $450 ono

      tomei expreme stainless dumps Excellent quality has provisions for stock EGT found on vspec 34’s. A good polish will bring them up shiny.
      $500 ono

      Injector Dynamics ID 1000CC - set of 6 always ran on pump all seals and o-rings in good condition. These are the real deal purchased through high octane racing with receipts. Never clogged or had any issues idled perfect. 
      $500 ono

      tomei poncam type B drop in Cams - intake and exhaust -9.15 lift 260 duration. good condition all the lobes are nice and i have the original cam card If its needed but being drop you should be good.
      $500 Ono


    • By sheldondent
      1991 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR
      Here is every last detail I could write up about the car. There are a couple small cosmetic cons I’m currently touching up over the winter (listed) but thought I’d post it up anyways. Make me an offer with cons in mind.
      40k AUD / 35k CAD / 26k USD
      Auction Sheet:
      Vin - BNR32-214830
      Model Code - KBNR32RXFS AA
      Color - KH2 Gunmetal Grey
      Type - GTR Series 2
      Auction Date - June 10th 2008
      Lot Number 5098/5570 CAA Gifu
      Auction Grade - RA / Interior C
      Repairs - XX Both front fenders, X Pass Corner marker, W2 Doors
      Kms - 123,944 when imported to Canada in 2008
      - April 2014 - Purchased (3rd Canadian Owner)
      - October 2016 - Original motor had an oil failure and seized
      - April 2017 - Removed and sold blown motor
      - October 2018 - Purchased and installed new stock motor with 80,000 kms
      - April 2019 - Rebuilt and installed N1 Steel Turbos
      - Daily driven and stored in the winter
      - Liqui Moly 10w-60 w/ Denso filter / Chev 94
      - Boost set at 14.5 psi with restrictor pill removed (New turbos can take up to 21)
      - Stock motor dynoed at 380 whp 375 torque
      - New front windshield w/ moulding
      - Tinted rear windows
      - GTS-T hood with nose cut and Nismo lip extension
      - New front fenders and emblems (rolled tight)
      - New OEM side skirt clips
      - Smoked Corner Indicators
      - LED Taillights
      - Custom HIDs 6000k
      - 1 Standard Headlight / 1 Projector Headlight
      - Cusco licence plate relocation kit (front and rear)
      - Defi Advance A1 Oil Pressure Gauge w/ Defi Advance Control Unit
      - Innovate Wideband A/F Gauge (Blue)
      - BLOX Gold Weighted Shift Knob
      - White LED Dash Lights
      - Blue Dome Light
      - Pioneer Single DIN Deck
      - Alpine Front and Rear Speakers
      - Headliner in great condition
      - Key Fob and Alarm
      - New Speedo Cable
      - Mines ECU Stage 1 Tune (exhaust and intakes)
      - N1 Steel Wheel Rebuilt Turbos (1000kms)
      - AutoBahn 88 Ancillary Hose Kit (Blue)
      - New Nismo Motor and Tranny Mounts
      - Blitz Intakes
      - HKS SSQV BOV (single with plug)
      - Greddy Oil Filter Relocation Kit
      - NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
      - Super Spark Coilpacks w/ custom wiring harness
      - Koyo Radiator
      - BWR Oil Cap
      - Greddy Magnetic Oil Drain Plug
      - Nismo Strut Bar (Custom Liquid Venom Black Pearl powder coat w/ Metallic Flake
      - Valve Covers (Custom Liquid Venom Blue Pearl powder coat w/ Metallic Flake
      - New Intake Temp Sensor
      - New Throttle Position Sensor
      - New Thermostat
      - New Fuel Filter
      - New Denso Oil Filter
      - New Power Steering Belt
      - New Alternator Belt
      - New A/C Belt
      - New Rear Main Seal
      - New Valve Cover Gaskets
      - New Half Moon Gaskets
      - New Nitto Intake Plenum Gaskets
      - New Throttle Body Gaskets
      - New AAC Valve Gaskets
      - New Cometic Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
      - New Cometic Turbo Intake Gaskets
      - New Cometic Turbo Exhaust Gaskets
      - New Cometic Turbo Oil Line Gaskets
      - Entire wiring harness was cleaned and rewrapped
      - Entire engine bay was degreased and cleaned before swap
      - Fujitsubo Equal Length Downpipe
      - Japspeed Testpipe
      - XS Power Midpipe (no resonator)
      - Kakimoto catback (gutted)
      - Stock Clutch and Flywheel (bites hard)
      - Stock Transmission (push style)
      - Cusco Adjustable Coilovers
      - Driftworks HICAS Delete Kit
      - Stock Callipers, Rotors, and new pads
      - Callipers repainted dark blue
      - New Steering Rack Boots
      - Matte White Varrstoen ES2 18x10.5 +15 (Plastidip. Originally Matte Black)
      - 18/35/265 Pirelli (rear 30%) Achilles (front 80%)
      - Varrstoen V48 Lug Nuts (red chrome)
      Extra Stuff:
      - Stock Downpipe and cat
      - Stock R32 Turbos (1 blown, 1 not)
      - Stock front callipers (1 seized, 1 not)
      - Roof has a few small dents
      - A/C doesn’t work (needs retrofit $400)
      - Front bumper is cracked on passenger side (stitched)
      - Rear bumper is cracked (pass side)
      - Rear quarter panel has some surface rust forming (driver side)
      - Drivers side seat tear
      - Passenger side dash vent broken
      I know everything there is to know about this car so if you have any questions feel free to ask! Ive got detailed photos and 4k video of anything and everything including cons.
      Thanks for taking a look!

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