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  1. Selling as whole, x1 Platinum plug and play ecu for R34 GTR $2295rrp x1 Can wideband o2 sensor controller $199rrp x1 I/O expander box $450rrp wiring for all ^ paid over 3k for all Willing to post at buyers expense Open to offers
  2. As title says I am after a Ztune bumper to suit a R34 GTR with good fitment, I am located in WA but willing to buy over east or wherever. Message or contact on 0415939482
  3. As title is I want to swap R34 GTR Tomei Ti exhaust, for a Amuse TI cash your way depending.. The exhaust is currently on my R34 GTR, It was a R33 Tomei but it has been modified to be a true 3.5" with a new Titanium flange put on (and sits out nicer), it has few dents on mid muffler from car being too low but other than that its good Upgrading due to wanting something a lil different Would rather swap as Ill have direct replacement with someone
  4. R34 GTR Getrag 6 speed gearbox issue Hi there, having issues with my R34 GTR gearbox just seeing if anyone has come across this issue before. Its the standard 6 speed getrag box, with upgraded clutch (Twin plate os giken) The car has tuned 650hp, but issue was here before that 5th gear synchro was busted and 5th gear would work very randomly but most of the time would not go in. 5th gear synchro has been replaced since and would only work 75% of the time but still does not like to go in it will go in 100% of the time if you rev up before shift will go in on idle The oil in the gearbox is new Castrol Transmission fluid z, has had the issue prior to it with the same oil All other gears are fine. Just seeing if anyone else knows what the issue could be, and if anyone else has had the same issue on their 6 speed box.. Thanks in advance.
  5. hey there bud still for sale i am keen! can you please send me your number? mines 0415939482 located perth
  6. Greedy T78-33D **Pictured it next to a T04Z for size comparison** Details: Journal Bearing T4 housing with 4 bolt outlet *Not sure of rear housing size **Used for couple k kms removed to go smaller turbo** Price: $1,500 Willing to post: Yes at buyers Expense Location: Wa, North of river, Stirling area Contact me (Brandon): 0415939482
  7. Work emotion XD9 bronze Front: 18x9 +20 ~45mm dish Rear: 18x10 +18 ~75mm dish PCD: 114.3 nissan/ford/toyota Used but fresh paint and haven't been fitted since painted! And brand new hub caps from just Jap & stickers that glow in the dark valves are all fitted & sizes clear GTR Brembo's $1500 need these gone taking too much space Contact me (Brandon) on: 0415939482 Willing to post: Yes at buyers expense Located: WA, North of river, Stirling area
  8. Not sure if i am posting in the right section.. if so please tell me.., I'm kind of new to this forum, but have heard its good for information and opinions.. I currently live in Perth WA, I own a Series 2 R33 Gts-t with the following mods Blitz EBC ~ 12.5psi (with quicker spool up) & turbo timer & boost gauge) K&N Air filter (with pipe leading under for better flow of cold air) HID FMIC Splitfire coil packs (with spark plugs gaped to 0.8) Turbosmart BOV Full exhaust system 3.5" from dump to cat, then 4.5" cannon. UN-Tuned. Pulls pretty good for what it is but still not enough for me and sort of have an idea of what i want to achieve high 300's in Horsepower I have been doing some research and wanting to go for a Garrett GTX3071R- 56T Turbo, with Hi - Mount manifold possibly a 6-Boost one with a Mines 44mm External waste-gate with screamer on it... I'm going to Buy these in order.. Garrett GTX3071R- 56T turbo 6Boost Manifold Haltech Platinum pro plug-in R33 *All ready have Mines 44mm ex waste-gate* Fit everything also extending dump pipe.. Then get it tuned.. once fitted ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First question, is it a good responsive turbo for the power im seeking, what would it give out to me?, The site i am buying the turbo off said ***sold without a turbine housing*** on GCG, does anyone know what size or thing i need for this as this is the biggest part im stuck on... Is it good with that manifold and to be ex gated?, Would it be necessary to buy Bigger Injectors? e.g 550cc injectors or larger?, Can i high mount with all the crossover pipes n shit still there? or? Is heat wrap necessary? What boost Level would be a good for what i have, to be safe? is the 44mm mines ex waste-gate suitable for it? I know screamers and BOV's are illegal and can get yellowed for them so i don't need any comments about that, i currently have faker screamer (split dump) and the BOV on and have had no problems so yeah i am just after that info ^... Thanks guys, appreciate any help Brandon,
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