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    • By Exodus01
      got an Apexi PowerFC and hand controller for a r33 GTR, bought it thinking it was for rb25.
      $350 + postage
    • By r32gtstJ
      Hi Guys,
      It's been a while, I am a Kiwi who moved over to Japan a few years back and have settled in Tokyo.
      I have always loved the R32, have owned a couple of GTST's before and since I am in Japan now, decided to go for gold and score the best possible BNR32 I can get my hands on.
      The car arrived on a truck a few days back and gotta say, as it is my dream car, no words can explain my joy at the moment,
      Nismo and Nissan have been on the ball resupplying the parts for the R32, and I have no shortage of parts supply if something needs attention for now... I guess that is one of the advantages of living here, 
      During the whole purchasing ordeal, there has been a lot of processes involved and Japan in my opinion, has their way of doing things, so no let's wing it attitude sits in well with these folks lol.
      It took a couple of weeks to get the Japanese version of WOF called "Shaken" but overall, besides the RIDICULOUS parking costs, all was pretty smooth.
      I miss NZ where you can just park on your own driveway, In Tokyo, you will be doing well if you find one below $300 per month.
      Now Let's Talk about the car,
      Pretty standard, nothing in the engines has been touched, currently tuned to 380ps.
      Model 1991 Skyline GTR R32 BNR32
      Milage: 47000km
      Engine: Stock
      Turbo: Twin HKS 2510, HKS turbine outlet
      Cooling: ARC intercooler, HKS IC piping kit, 
      Intake: ARC Super Induction box
      Exhaust: Apex front pipe, Apex RS muffler,
      Suspension / Drivetrain: HKS reinforced clutch (I think it's a twin push type early model, absolute B**itch to drive in in traffic, real narrow biting point and very sensitive), Ohlins suspension,  Tein pillow ball tension rod
      Brakes: Winmax brake pads
      Electrical: HKS EVC5, Tomei Speedometer, Trust gauges in the glovebox, Defi Boost gauge on Steering wheel column Will provide pics soon
      Interior: Nismo seat covers, Italvolanti steering wheel
      Wheel: Volkracing CE28N 8.5X17 +22 , 
      Tires: Dunlop Direzza Z3 255-40-17
      I may have missed something but this is the current status of the car.
      I don't plan to go tracking but want to escape the city on the weekends to explore the less populated areas of Japan, I will probably be on the sensible side when it comes to driving on foreign lands.
      I absolutely love the car after taking it out on the highway, it was an absolute pleasure to dive, the sound, the pull everything was better than I hoped.
      I should be posting the slight issue on another section but as I have your attention, I wished to ask you guys quickly.
      On the way back, from the very awesome drive, some car far ahead had an accident in the tunnel and I ended up being stuck in heavy traffic, I have a clutch setup which seems to be one of the worst most sensitive (only on 1st year, either from standstill, or rolling very slowly), unforgiving setups I have ever driven, NOT fun stuck in traffic jam for an hour, 
      If you guys have any suggestions for a street usable/friendly clutch ideas, please feel free to let me now, something that does not give you a dead leg even if you are stuck behind traffic, and something that allows a smoother start on 1st gear, right now, I have to give it gas about 2-3000rpm and release the clutch very very gently or the ting just tries to launch and hop etc.
      I have heard the Nismo twin plate? ones were good, but not sure it will be better than my old HKS setup and in what way, my one feels very sensitive (narrow biting point if that makes sense) they can be a pain to drive in traffic etc..
      Thank you for reading my post and I wish to catch up with any GTR owners based in Tokyo! hit me up if you are around.

    • By Nikkirosee
      I scored these 17inch Nismo rims for my 33 and was wondering how much they might be worth as I can't find them anywhere online as their most likely old school,  but they say Rays Eng on the back (rays engineering) I've found the lmgt wheels look a lot like them but they don't have the groove design mine have.  

    • By KLA33E
      So, i've had this odd noise coming from my podfilter, as in my opinion sounds like a grinding metallic noise.  This isn't something new though, it has been going on since 2016. It isn't that apparent irl but you can definetely hear it on idle when standing near the engine xD.
      I recorded a video with my phone which managed to capture the noise really well (since it's quite high pitch). I will link a clip with the noise below.
      Any wise thoughts on what it could be?
      IMG_8820.MOV IMG_8820.MOV  
    • By timmy_89
      Brand new never used
      Purchased for my track car and never ended up fitting them

      Also suits Nissan Silvia S14 / S15

      RRP $745
      Take these ones for $600
      Pickup in Bathurst NSW or willing to include postage in Australia for the asking price

      Link below to Hardrace website