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  1. Selling polished rad mounts by chance?
  2. Has anyone done a GTX3585 v band twin scroll manifold with twin gates? I am looking at the GCG merge collectors to fabricate a manifold for my GTX3582 turbo. Any pics will be helpful as getting a proper merge collector for twin scroll is proving to be a big problem.
  3. I have vspec ones on my R32 GTR. For the fronts I swapped the entire spindle over rather than widening the bolt size.
  4. R32 subframe is similar to S13, C32/C33. If you want to use an S14/S15 or R33/R34 you may need to get offset aluminum subframe bushings. https://www.driftworks.com/solid-subframe-conversion-bushes-s13-r32-to-s14-r33-r34.html
  5. So are they still in business? I would really like some of their stuff but I am all the way in the Caribbean and would hate to be waiting for no reason.
  6. Connects to the back of the instrument cluster trim, the front of the trim should have some slits to allow air to be sucked in
  7. Can you get more pics of the fuel setup, under the car and also in the trunk area. I am going twin -6AN supply and -8AN return to the standard tank through a swirl tank.
  8. Old Gauge setup, Fitted Defi setup, love the way the R32 console is entirely made for the driver, slanted properly, Here is the way they were mounted behind using some old stereo brackets, And with the center shifter and stereo trim fitted,
  9. Oh damn would have been ideal for my Silvia, too bad I am way over on the other side in the caribbean .
  10. A very good RB26 candidate, there shouldn't be too much different in a GT Four two door and an R34 GTR, besides the power of course.
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