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  1. I've run a 25 with around 385kw on one with no issues
  2. See how it says in red will not work for rb26, this is because of the pin height, rods are same length so can be 25 or 6, you have the same block with same rod length but a bit more stroke on the crank so the different pin height
  3. Pin height is different between 25 & 6 as use same length rod so you'd usually use 26 type piston with 26 crank
  4. As above really, if everything is good condition to start with & the tune is good should be ok, this stuff is getting old now so getting harder to start with a good motor
  5. Just check if the rear lower clevis has fork or eye type on the r34, should be fine, if the 34 is wrecked why put coilovers on it?
  6. I've seen 9 fr 9.5 rr +22 +24 with guard work & more camber & stretch than you might want or is legal where you are
  7. No they won't, /\ UWISSH is taking the idea & running with it lol
  8. A good chance it's this, you really notice it if you fill it up
  9. It should bolt up fine, personally for na I think the stock exhaust is the best, it's just more noise & usually not a nice noise & doesn't go any better
  10. HICAS doesn't matter in regards to the diff A32 Cefiro is FWD so you probably used A31 😁
  11. With some pick up mod, sounds like they're in the research stage
  12. /\ You'll need to cut the diff off the 26 sump & usually grind the fins on the bottom a bit to clear the gtst xmember. You can cut the transfer off the 26 box & use it but no point if you have a 25 box, not sure what adaptor plate you're looking for, bell housings are same
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