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Electric Power Steering Pump Conversion For Rb Engine

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I am sorry if this is posted in the wrong section, but I wasn't sure where is the best place for this.

This pump should generate a couple of hundreds of PSI so it is fairly forced inducted :)

I an looking at converting the old hydraulic pump to an electrical system. I am still not sure what pump to get but I read somewhere that the pressure generate is somewhere in the vicinity of 850+psi or something. How reliable is the electrical pump for this job?

What pump have you used? Any maintenance/failure? Which pump is reliable?

Could you please snap and share some pics of your setup?

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Why on earth would U want an electric power steering pump?

It'd put a huge load on the alternator and cause the same or more resistance to the engine because the alternator and electric pump aren't 100% efficient. I see no advantage.

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Just to name a few

-more space in engine bay

-better weight distribution

-don't have to worry about the belt

-don't have to worry about over hearing p/s fluid

So do you know much power the electric pump will rob off the engine?

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Theoretically the same amount of power it robs off it in mechanical form, plus another 20-30% in the energy conversion..

The pump itself weighs like >1kg so that is hardly going to effect weight distribution a worthwhile amount and the belt is $20 and lasts forever..

The only advantage I could see is you could increase WOT power and engine response by the slightest amount as the engine doesn't have to deal with spinning the weight of the pump more than it has to anymore..

I guess if you needed the space to bolt one of those supercharger kits or a dry sump pump there it would be feasable, but for shits and giggles I think it really is one of those pointless mods, up there with the electric supercharger IMO :down:

EDIT: If you're still keen though the item from a Toyota MR2 seems to be a pretty cheap and popular choice..

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Yep I'm putting an electric power steering pump in the new race car, I know Risking is running one in his as well.

I'm looking for easier maintenance, simpler motor/balancer, better placement of the pump and resoviour. And the standard mechanical system boils easily under race conditions

And remember the PS pump is not running all the time, and you are unlikely to be pulling more amps than the alternator can provide...ie no additional drain on engine power.

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+1 for what duncan said! Plus all the extra space to get to the dry sump pump right underneath it! Also, as 9krpm said, one less belt to worry about. Which in race conditions can come off. It normally creates dramas when its just behind your dry sump pump belt!

Clearly this is not for road going cars....

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ahh yes thanks....I meant to mention that the astra pump is the one most often recommended. crack can you ring holden with the vin and get me a part number :D

Like Michael said its a race car only thing, too much trouble for little gain in a road car, but worth looking into for a race car. If it helps GT cup cars run electric power steering which is good enough for me, they are the best touring race cars in the world.

Brad is running a custom/race one from tilton? earls? someone. Very good feedback on it's consistency whereas the standard one doesn't last 10min racing even with a cooler, let alone the 1hr races we do

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  • 5 months later...

Yeh what dave said.

Im curious as I may need to source one to aid in my supercharge project. The one ive sourced before is on back order from that company and its pretty exxy. It would be nice to have a couple of options.

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I was thinking about something like this, electric powered pumps for the oil/water/pwr steering etc would mean not having to worry about the water pump cavitating at high revs, better oil control?

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Just set one up today on a dirt track car.

Using the holden astra/ suzuki swift/ opel euro box electric setup.

t is not an electro hydraulic system. It is an electricalls assisted manual rack. There is a load sensor in the column which tells the motor to drive.

2 inputs are required from the car, rpm and speed. The rpm can be tricked with a small frequency generator to simulate a running engine, and the speed input varies the amount of assist you get from the motor. On the sprint car we put an adjustable pot on the frequency generator so we will have 5 levels of assist to try when we get to the track.

It works very well so far, not tested under race conditions, but the assist is very powerful.

There is also a pot in the booster motor which can be adjusted to increase or decrease the feedback to the driver. Max current draw about 45a if you load it up.

i can get some photos if anybody is interested

The mr2 setup is good if you are retaining the manual/hydraulic rack. You need to make sure you get the controller and set it up correctly. Many people just hook the pump up to 12v and its humming away all the time drawing a lot of current.

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Ive been trying to source an MR2 one from wreckers today. I rang a few but no one has any. Dont suppose you have one Trent?

A new one from Toyota is $1400.

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Duncan did you end up sourcing one and fitting it?

no sadly....that project is very much on ice, and will be for another 12 months. Not canned...but very stopped right now. Would be good to hear what you find

Trent, MR2 or MR-S? either way I guess I am unlikely to find one. what current do they draw

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Well i finally won one today from ebay of all places. A bloke in the USA had one off a 2002 Spyder. Apparently alot better then the older units as it has the electrics built into it. One unit, pump, tank and controller. Hopefully should have it within the week. I will keep this bit updated with how it turns out. If not it will be in my supercharger thread as I get it done and documented.

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