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R32 GT-R, Driven 1 ?

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yeah i drove an r32 gtr when me and a mate went around pretending to be interested. Anyway there were only good points about it. The performance for a standard car is unbelievable. With zorst and pod with more boost it would be even more unbelievable. Would luv one but am abit over my price range for now. Interior has all the gauges u need really until u are serious and need fuel pressure etc. Nice cars all round in my oppinion

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Drove one up in Sydney that was virtually stock except for upgraded filters, aftermarket jap zorst and boost controller. [email protected]$!kin unreal - Breathtaking - Straight line acceleration really has to be expericed to be admired, handling was great too. I think from recollection nearly 400k's to the tank driving like a granny was the answer i got about fuel - but who really cares about consumption in one of these things? The ride is firm but i wouldn't say harsh. The example i looked at was pretty decent - a nice clean Black 93 model. Positives & negatives? Depends on yourself, What you are looking for and what you want to do with the car? I'd say for me there wasn't really many, although a few ppl do comment on the lack of space & the blandness of the interior. Also - The perils of buying this model GTR are plentiful as they are getting on a bit - plenty of good one's about still tho - I'd say be very wary of who you get to check out the car coz plenty can go wrong and it will be a nightmare to fix. These cars suck up money sooo fast. When i was looking into getting one a few mechanics from some of the better known performance workshops around Sydney were recomending getting one as close to standard as possible unless I could find a modded one in good nick - It ended up being too expensive so I had to scrap the idea. Despite the downfalls of age i ended up getting a Hi-powered 32 GTST with an RB25 & 450HP GCG turbo & a number of other goodies, this alone has kept my wallet pretty thin (not a GTR albeit) but am still happy with it - Happy Hunting & wait for a good one!

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I've had my GTR now for nearly a year and it's the best thing I've ever bought. A lot of things you get used to and bored of but every time I jump in the GTR it's awesome!

There are minor negatives - not being able to park it anyway I like, not driving it interstate as much as I would like (fuel and km's), and the general cost of keeping it on the road. If you don't have a big surplass of cash to keep it going then forget it. Don't be fooled like I was, these things are NOT indestructible - they DO break and when they do everything is expensive.

The positives are endless - you only need to read a few mags to find out!

If you've never experienced a 7,000rpm launch then make sure you do one day!! :)

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I don't think I will ever, not even once, do a big launch with my GT-R. Trying to look after the beast :)

So far I've found mine to be amazingly fast in a straight line and scary on corners, perhaps this has something to do with the suspension on the car though, the rears have definitely sagged and I'm currently looking into a complete Whiteline works package for the car.

It doesn't corner anywhere near as amazing as the Alfa on the streets. You can't just floor it and go around a roundabout like you can with an Alfa. It's just too heavy and powerful to do very tight manuevers like this, if you try it you'll most likely end up in a bus station.

There's a musty odour in the cabin, just old. That can be fixed though with a bit of love.

And my brakes are so bad it should be illegal. The brakes on the Alfa were amazing so I have that to compare to (I had EBC greenstuff pads and ebs turbo rotors). So I will be looking into ebc greenstuff pads this week too.

Parts of the dash are warping slightly, just old age.

You put your foot down every now and then.. can't be helped in a car like this. So yes, it guzzles so much feul it's amazing how fast that full tank can go.

But it's an amazing car. One I respect so much and get excited about every time I even think about going downstairs to the garage to drive ;)

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Yeah, I have had my GTR since September 2003 and only put 2500km's on it but love it everytime I drive it. I underestimated the running costs majorly... mainly tyres and brakes. But I love the car, you cant get rid of the grin from ear to ear as you hop in.

If youre expecting a nice soft ride (even with stock suspension) and something good on fuel, youre going to be in for one hell of a shock. The suspension is fairly stiff from factory (I still have the original GTR shocks in mine), and in a car like this you cant help but give it a bit now and then, so the fuels gone pretty quickly too.

My only advice would be get the car thouroghly checked out. Despite what anyone trys to tell you, a GTR is bought because its a quick car, you dont buy a GTR to put around in. The cars are getting old, and an upto 15 year old twin turbo engine is going to be getting a bit "long in the tooth". There are still good genuine low km good examples out there, but be prepared to pay a higher price for these ones.

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  • 4 weeks later...

But is it like that article in autospeed, where the dude was just underwhelmed by it. And how he was saying that he only used the power of the GTR twice during a long trip. I mean, a gtr is a gtr, but is it because of the name and the badge that people are impressed so much by it? How is it in a practical, day in day out sense?

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There aren’t too many negatives about this car ,as of lately iv been finding myself saying to myself how a great of buy it was. Very comfortable and reliable sure it has its bugs now and then but what car doesn’t? It has a very smooth ride and almost flawless handling this only matching its speed and other great features. One of Nissans true achievements in my opinion, the GTR technology gets even better as time goes on its potential cant be outclassed.

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Well im driving mine day to day at the moment (hopefully this is the last week, I hate putting km's on it :P ) at it doesnt fare too bad... because of the clutch in mine (5 puck brass button), once it heats up it starts to become a bit of a pig to drive but not too bad. I can cruise around and change at 3000rpm and keep off boost, but the thing still chews a tank per 350km (when i give it 50/50 normal driving and hard driving i get 280 - 300km).

I wouldnt consider it practical for daily driving, but it can be done.

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But is it like that article in autospeed, where the dude was just underwhelmed by it.
More like overwhelmed by lease payments and depreciation... not to mention sour grapes.

I did 500km (mostly Highway) on the weekend in an BCNR33 and it is jiggly and tramlines (especially with noisy A032Rs) and a loud exhaust starts to do your head in after an hour or so. Also there is quite a lot of turbo lag (HKS 2530s, I remember stock being much better) so you really need to be in 2nd to overtake on the highway and be on boost straight away... But when the boost kicks in, hoooley doooley, B-doubles turn into B-nothings! It goes without saying horrendous fuel consumption.

You do get tailed by other people in Skylines, WRXs and VB-VY Commodores (esp VLs) so paranoia can set in. I had a Toyota Soarer tailgating me hard with high beams on trying to get me to "race"... He accelerated past fast and burned off into the distance, while it is tempting to show them a quartet of red rings disappearing off into the distance I would rather keep my licence.

So basically it is far from an ideal as a daily driver. But like that biatch ex-girlfriend who is a pain in the butt but who goes off in the sack you can forgive a lot of the GT-R. If you want something comfy, go buy a Lexus LS400.

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Good points made above.

I've owned mine only for a couple of months now and have been using it as my daily driver but this week I am buying myself a shitbox as a daily driver. Something I can leave anywhere and not worry about anyone damaging it etc etc. Something that I can do a full load in... just chuck crap in the back.. a hatch or wagon most likely. Something I care nothing for in other words.

Last night I drove up the street to get some Chinese take out. One of my flatmates must have got some chinese food on her outfit as I found stains on my rear seats. This GT-R was made in 1993 and the 2 people before me have never ever used the back seat... it's in perfect condition and now there's stains on the seats. That hurts!

I drove from where I live (Eastern Suburbs) to Palm Beach and back the other day and used almost 1/2 a tank of fuel and I was off boost! OUCH! And not to mention I had a lot of guys in little ricey cars darting in and out of traffic around me, getting in front of me just to slow me down etc. I never had anyone give me so much attention in my past 2 rides.

I'm getting my suspension installed this week, then it will be even more uncomfortable to drive as a daily and so will serve as what I always intended it to be.. a track day car. Can't wait to get it out on track in March!!!

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I've driven an R32 GTR with a twin or maybe triple plate clutch with no riding point. Will be great for the drags/track, but I definitely won't get one for my daily driver as it'll be frustrating, not to mention horrible thought trying to manouvre it into a tight parking spot... one clutch "jump" and you'll smash it. It's almost a miracle the owner can park his car (he sold it cause he can't stand using it in traffic for his banking job)

When I drove the car, it felt heavy at start considering the AWD drivetrain, but the boost came on nicely, although I've only tried in a small residential street so can't really fully enjoy it. No time to check fuel consumption as it's only a 10min drive. But I can feel it got potential as boost building up. For performance matter, gt-r is the track car...

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dude if your looking to buy the best thing to do is  for u to test drive one and u judge it

Much easier said than done. I have been trying to get a test drive in a R32 GT-R for weeks, and no luck. Best I have managed is to have a car demo'ed...

Justinfox: I would definately look at new suspension parts. The R32 GT-R that was demoed to me went round corners like nothing else I have been in (it was running aftermarket supension, slightly lower than stock)

Edit: I should mention before people suggest I look young/dodgey, that its in fact my father (50yr old Professor, Dean of Faculty of Arts, blah blah) that is actually trying to get the test drive :P


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Am on my 2nd R32 GT-R now, and I love them. Very different driver from my Silvia I had - more of a GT car. First one I had was a lowish kms car (V-spec too) that was in almost showroom condition - as such the initial cost was very very high. Power wasn't too bad for stock (246rwhp) and handling was very good due to Nismo suspension. Normal servicing was the only maintenance it required and it comfortably (relative of course) took the family (2 adults + 2 kiddies) down south and the boot managed to fit in a portacot, pram, doona's, pillows and luggage. Suspension wasn't too harsh and the exhaust was rather quiet until you opened it up (then is screamed like a banshee).

Now on my second GT-R and this time went the other way regarding initial cost. Got a fairly reasonable price, but after putting it on the dyno (1mth after getting it), it spun a big end. Kms on this one was up around the 100K mark, so it was getting on. The turbs were replaced before I bought it because they found an exhaust turbine wheel in the cat. After stripping the engine down, it had been treated very very hard in J. Moral is of course get the engine and everything else checked out by a reputable workshop who know their stuff. A report will cost you around $150, but could save you having to rebuild it 2mths down the track. Having said that though, I now have a relatively bullet proof engine, new suspension and Brembos all round. Dyno is this Thursday and hoping for a nice round 400rwhp. turbo_fury, I notice you're in Perth. Quite welcome to PM me if you want me to take you for a spin sometime.



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If you have driven an R32 GTR.

I would like if you could state the positives + negatives about the car

My first impression when I got behind the wheel was "This car is special". I knew I was driving something that wasn't "normal".

Steering and Handling felt responsive and not like a falcon or lethargic.

Throttle wasn't particulalry responsive like in an s15, it was more like driving a VTEC car. Slowly building then *POW* power.

I would definatley own one if I didn't have so many other cars I wanted to own first.

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