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skyline style taillights on vr/vs commo...

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I've seen it on commies.

It looks like shite.... absolutely shite..

On the bright side - it makes me cack everytime so when I'm having a hard day and I see some pumped up geezer in a commie trying to look hard cos he bought the lights I jsut can't help but feel better bout myself.


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i like it!

why, you ask?

well its flattery... armani (sp?) wears copy armani suits because he thinks its a compliment to the fact that he makes top quality suits. and just like this, its a compliment that commonwhore owners that put these lights on their cars actually wish they were driving a skyline and respect our cars :)

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The lights look pretty ordinary... It looks like a bit of a hodge-podge, like they got half-way and thought "Stuff it, let's just put an R-100 tail-light in and be done with it."

Looks nothing like skyline lights, Altezza style lights they are, whatever the hell Altezza is, must be german or something for Rice.

"Altezza" is what Toyota calls the Lexus IS200 and IS300 on the Japanese market.

Nick T.

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its more monaro look than anything... and skylines are guilty of copying the Camaro or ferrari look anyways :thumbsup:

i think "skyline" have their "trademark" 4 rear light way before Ferrari, not to mention carmaro

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this raises my issue with aussie car drivers calling mods on jap cars rice...

everytime I see a ford ute or commodore ute with 'jewel' style (ie a style perpetuated by the IS200) rear light, it just proves how hypocritical people can be.

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