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AEM Water Meth Kit on Rb25neo Question

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Hello everyone,
Please dont murder me but Can you run a water meth kit on a stock r34 GTT ECU?
I have been considering doing this for the reduced chances of detonation, lower intake temps, and the cleaner combustion. 
Some one told me that you need to tune ecu's fuel mapping in order to gain the power benefits but he also mentioned that even with out a tune its still beneficial to run and cant do no harm. 
Anyone have a similar experience? is it safe?

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Do you need it?


Is your car currently pulling timing?


I've seen it setup on a stockish car before, triggered by RPM, the only difference I noticed was he had to keep filling the tank with a 50/50 mix.


Tuning for meth needs alot of fail safes.


GTSBoy just posted, so yeah, what he said.


Needs more LS

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If you run it untuned you're going to be limited in how much water you can inject. If you add methanol you're going to run even richer than the already rich stock map.

Nostrum energy is the only company that seems to be working on how to make it work properly but I don't think they're going to make something useful for RBs any time soon. I would just run E85, I figure at low boost with decent IATs you can lean it out some with the RB's prehistoric 8.5 CR, or enrich a bit when IATs spike and get the same benefits as water injection with a lot less pain.

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55 minutes ago, joshuaho96 said:

I would just run E85, I figure at low boost with decent IATs you can lean it out some with the RB's prehistoric 8.5 CR, or enrich a bit when IATs spike and get the same benefits as water injection with a lot less pain.

not on a stock ECU

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45 minutes ago, GTofuS-T said:

not on a stock ECU

Yeah, you need a Nistune or standalone to do it but I don't think untuned water injection is very good either.

If OP wants to run water injection on the stock ECU, my advice is put a very small nozzle just after the intercooler and only activate when IATs suggest heat soak and only inject pure distilled water. If you inject post-IC you don't want large quantities of liquid water making it to the plenum.

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If AEM have an electronic tuning/metering kit then it could work ok-ish but in a limited capacity......because you rely on its 'brains' to manage the WMI.

ie I have a Snow performance SIII kit that has its own control module, lets you input IDC and boost triggers and then a sliding scale for when the WMI is triggered and by how much, then at what trigger/s it reaches full flow.

eg I use 12psi and AND/OR 50% injector duty cycle to start injection at 40% flow and then 16psi and 85% IDC for full flow.

You would also need a knock sensor and digital display to check operation.

But to be honest, a nistune or haltech would be better.





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