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Powder Coating Wheels


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I've got internal hex [allen key] wheel nuts, I had the outside done properly, and the inside just overspray on chrome.

I used a 'tree' - made up of bolts welded onto a 1.5 metre strip of steel strap - with the wheel nuts screwed on to protect the thread. This way the blasters and powdercoaters only had to hang the tree up and do their thing. The outside was blasted and chrome removed, the thread was not touched, the internal hex was only blasted by overspray, not much chrome removed.

The same effect happened with the powdercoating.

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powder coating wheels... wish i had thought of that sooner.

I have made a mess of my wheels, rubbed against concrete gutters, etc... so when you say you have to prep the wheels yourself, does that mean sorta filling them first where 'chunks' have been removed and sanding them back???

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Can't use filler or nikky under powdercoating, the ovens melts/burns it.

Prep involves sanding out rough spots, taping up where you don't want it sandblasted, screwing bolts into thread holes, taping exposed thread on bolts.

Some powdercoaters will sandblast and powdercoat, others tell you to go and get it sandblasted yourself and then they will powdercoat.

Note that any taping you do [to protect polished areas or threads etc] will only last for the sandblasting, you have to have a special heatproof tape for the powdercoating. If you ask nicely the powdercoaters will usually give you a bit.

Powdercoating [for those that don't know] involved spraying an article with a dry plastic powder {using electrostatic properties -/+ connections etc, usually the spraygun is + and the article has a - lead attached to it}. The article is then hung in an oven, without being touched, and heated up and the plastic powder is melted on. This process will not cover up/fill blemishes/scratches in the article. They will be coated, but a scratch is still a scratch, just that now it is a powdercoated scratch.

I can't remember the oven heat, I think about 270' C, I do know it is hot enough to melt plain solder [soldering iron], but not silver solder [used with an oxy welder].

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I have heard that powdercoating is quite difficult - have to get the temps right or else the finish will crack after time?

One of the Vic boys with a GTR has white powder coated 33 GTR rims that have cracked quite badly...

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Those GTR rims are the reason i havent had my golf wheels powder coated white:( Although Shiv says he knows a top notch powder coater, so will be paying him a visit in the new year

End up paying that powder coater a visit?

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ive just had mine done yesterday in thomostown...to powder coat them and sandblast em they charge $90 a wheel..

There called ADA powdercoating

number is 94653390

If you have the time, some pics would be great (particularly closeups to get an idea of the finish).



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The company my mate works for, Form 2000 (near Moorabbin Airport), have a powder-coat line but I've never enquired about.

Maybe look them up and see what it's worth, when i speak to my mate next I'll ask him about it but he's a floor foreman so the pricing isn't really his department, just makes sure the work gets done.

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