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  1. Some bloke around the corner from work has them on his Blue VE. Repulsive.
  2. There is one coming up for auction. https://www.lloydsonline.com.au/LotDetails.aspx?smode=0&aid=8121&lid=1356443
  3. Do you ever see BNR34 Nismo LED tail lights? What do they go for these days?
  4. Hi All We're planning on heading down for a cruise to King Lake in April. This is a GT-R only event. If you're interested in coming down for the day please feel free to join the group in the facebook link below. All details are in the event. Cheers
  5. That would be an uncomfortable daily. So many better options for 7k.
  6. I received my renewal yesterday. No increase in premium so I'm pretty happy.
  7. Luckily I just increased mine to 100k before all this happened. I'm ok with that for now.
  8. I'm only making an assumption here. Husband (Skyline) and Wife (4WD) are talking on the phone. Wife tells Husband someone just rear ended me. She pulls over. Dash cam continues to drive off because person in 4WD is a f**king idiot. Husband thinks dash cam is trying to do a runner so he blocks them and tried to take a photo. I dunno, to me it did look dodgy. But it's possible he was just trying to record their rego.
  9. So I called RACV today to find out what is happening with my policy which expires in Feb. Currently all existing policies are fine, but they're not taking on any new policies for Skylines. If anything changes we'll get a notice in writing 6-8 weeks before the policy is cancelled. Fingers crossed existing policies are kept.
  10. I guess I need to call them up to see whats happening with my policy. Who else is good to insure with?
  11. Is this happening at a certain date or just when our current policies run out?
  12. Last I heard from @GTR-N1 on facebook is that NRMA aren't taking any new policies currently as they're reviewing their policies. Is your car a V-Spec or Non V-Spec?
  13. They are ok providing the MAF sensor is still in place. Some places will knock you back if they're removed.
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