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  1. gtrj

    Seeing Brad's posts always make me sad. That was JapLinks baby too Curious as to how much he makes flipping the parts
  2. Pretty sure those are GTS Type M pods aren't they?
  3. Still no word back about my car doesnt look good for me
  4. If this is legit and I had the money, absolute steal.Would definitely be worth a trip to Perth to check out.
  5. gtrj

    I wonder how much more expensive LMGT1's can get. Wish I could afford a set
  6. gtrj

    Definitely came across as more scripted to me. Is great to see them back together on a show regardless.
  7. Good luck with your search, such a shame about the condition of that LM though. Sifting through the the images of cars going up for auction in Japan was so addicting when I was searching for an R32, kind of miss it now. There always seems to be a bunch of GTR's going up for sale on facebook, also a bunch getting stolen
  8. Hey guys, can i get a change to gtrj by any chance? Wasnt able to search through current members to see if the name is already taken.
  9. If my car is back from rebuild by then I plan on coming along
  10. Will definitely remember this for renewal time. Do you think location/age/driving record had much factor on the outcome or was it purely because of an existing policy? 280 seems too good to be true
  11. Thoroughly enjoyed reading through all 25 pages, gave me some motivation for mine when it comes back from an engine rebuild. Time to get saving. Car looks awesome!
  12. LMAO $8K. Hopefully nobody is stupid enough to touch it.