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Kakimoto exhaust Regu06 or Mega N1?


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Kakimoto exhaust Regu06 or Mega N1?

I'm looking into the kakimoto exhaust systems and before we continue any further, yes I've searched. I'm spilt between the Regu06 or the N1 for my R34 GTT. What I would like to know is:

-Which one is louder? Any dB readings? I've read that the Mega N1 is loud but it looks like most prefer the Regu06.

-What are the differences between the two? Besides stainless steel construction.

Basically, why did you get a Regu06 over an N1 or vice versa? Ive read some people say the newer models have silencers welded in the muffler while others say theirs never had one. Can anyone confirm this? 


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i had the mega n1
i loved it

i think the reg has a (proper) muffler in the middle where the n1 has a hot dog

it wasn't to loud for me but it was pretty loud for the neighbours
they didn't like it when i rocked up at 2 am

i think choose the one that more suits the engine
if it's got descent power go for mega, if your close to standard go with the quieter system

personally loud and fast is ok, but loud and not much go is a bit wrong

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Ive had the regu 06r was nice and quiet but opens up when you give it
Nice tone with the restrictors in
has 2 restrictors in it
One in the mid muffler necks down to 2.5inch and in the cannon i think it necks down to
2 1/4 inch
But once you remove restrictors
Is a fair bit louder and drones abit
I did big mistake rest of the piping was 3 1/2 inch
If your after big power i would just get a custom 3 1/2inch catback with big mufflers that are true 3 1/2 inch
If not this exhaust should flow well enough for under 250kw and sounds nice

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Both nuggets

Both restrictive

Buy a couple quality universal mufflers and get a cat back custom made. Will sit better, be quieter and make more power.

If you don't care about power then the Kakimoto is great. My advice, don't bother. They're a waste of money.

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A good 3.5inch mild steel custom job from the turbo back shouldnt set you back any more than 950 dollaroos with no cat. Add the price of your cat on top if you want to be legal. It will flow great and if you spend the right coin on good muff you will have a ayatem that will pass the noise test

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15 minutes ago, sneakey pete said:

I'm just about to start getting quotes on a 3.5" system (stainless though); what's everyone's idea of a good muffler these days?



Pete, ring these guys and ask for Grant. Intune and I (I haven't started mine yet) are running 4 inch systems with 2 mufflers on them. The mid muffler was 14 long x 8 wide x 5 tall and the rear is 16 long x 10 wide x 7 tall with an offset in the rear. VERY quiet, no drone at all... on the freeway you hardly hear it. Highly recommended, would use again.

Roughly $720 for the pair. They can make whatever length you want also.

The guy that did my car ran these same mufflers but shorter versions on a 3.5 system that was behind a Barra 4.0 in a R32 GTST. He is ripping the mid muffler out as it's TOO quiet.

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