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rb26 rebuilt engine with exceptional attention to detail

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rb26 rebuilt engine with exceptional attention to detail


I've had my r33 rb26 engine totally rebuilt including head.

Unlike many rebuilds, nothing has remained untouched and all screws, metal parts, springs have been cleaned, polished, electrocoated.

Some components have been sandblasted and painted or powder coated.

All machining work performed by orger who worked on the r32s that ran in the v8 championships.

New end spring plastic brackets were machined for throttle bodies.

The motor has not been started and sits in a RWD 300zx.

The project has blown out and while in no rush, I'm considering selling and SEEKING EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST.

Engine owes me over 30k, so will say asking for 30 and open to reasonable offers.

Located near chadstone in VIC.

Please no low ballers as you will be ignored :-(

Engine details;

Ferrea OS Valve set rb26
ferrea double valve spring set rb26
ARP head studs RB26
Camtech camshafts - 274 degree with 9.35mm lift

OEM Timing Belt
Timing Belt Tensioner (both)
2 x RPM Adjustable Camshaft Pulley

Nitto I-beam conrods
Nitto Oil Pump
headgasket nitto drag series
nitto intake & exhaust gasket
ITB block water fitting
exhaust studs x 10
3x water hoses
Davies craig EWP alloy
JE Pistons & Rings
Main studs ARP
Head studs ARP
Main bearing set
piston ceramic coating
Acid clean block
welsh plugs
crack test block
crack test crankshaft
remove crankshaft oil gallery plugs
clean & linish crankshaft
Modify oil galleries for NPT plugs
Strainer plate
line hone
conrod alignment
conrod size check
check s/e clearance
check bearing clearance
Mock Assemble
squish areas in chambers
dismantle final clean & re assemble
check compression 8.5 - 1
block surface
balance full engine
check and dispatch



BPP fuel rail is twin entry 14mm rail
6 x Bosch EV14 1000cc injectors adaptors filters seals plugs (Flow Matched)
Heat treated manifold
Precision 6466 and 46mm dual gates plumbed back into dump





IMG_2199 (1).jpg







IMG_9458 (1).jpg




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Hi guys, yeah selling anything is an undesirable experience these days.

Reasonable offers are within reach of asking price.

Prior to starting this build thought long and hard as knew it would be expensive, but as most have experienced it somehow always blows out.

I also looked high and low on here and the web for 12+ months so know that what i have is special and wont be replaceable if i sell this so in no rush.

Motor and parts are capable of big power but i went for injectors that would supply more than enough initial power. 

If you look up my turbo setup on youtube its very impressive on an rb26.

So while listed for sale as many before me will attest to, not overly excited about selling it, but will if price is right.



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Currently not listed anywhere else nor have I been pushing to sell it. That said open to reasonable offers.

Not interested in splitting up motor, but will consider selling motor without hotside or clutch..

I've seen a lot of builds and only 1 other motor was to this standard.

Not only is this built for power but every single piece has been cleaned, polished or re-coated making it look new again.

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Hi, the motor has not been started as still needs to be wired up and needs a custom sump for its RWD application.

Its sitting in a z31, so would be much cheaper and faster dropping this into a GTR. 

Its capable of much more but my end goal was around 550-600kw. Current injectors will apparently give you around the 400kw mark which build will do with ease.

There have been no shortcuts taken on this motor as there was no intention of selling it.



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