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Racepace R33/R34 GTR Catch Can/Washer Bottle with inbuilt Oil/Air Separator

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Racepace R33/R34 GTR Catch Can/Washer Bottle with inbuilt Oil/Air Separator

Hi Guys,

I have a Racepace R33/R34 GTR Catch Can/Washer Bottle with inbuilt Oil/Air Separator for sale. This came out of my R34 GTR and was working perfectly but needs to go now as I have to fabricate a new one to suit the new engine setup.

The great thing about Racepace catch can's over normal ones is they have a built in oil/air separator which means you can have it leading back into your intake without having to worry about sucking oil back through.It also means you end up with one clean looking unit rather than the usual style oil air separator you see on top of the engine covers.

I had this one specially made with -12 AN fittings rather than push on style hoses as it looks a lot nicer. You have 3x -12 fittings for breathing (rockers, sump etc) and a -6 drain.

Overall its in good condition just a little bit dirty. No marks or scratches. Cost me $450 new.

Price is $300 ONO and catch can is located in Rouse Hill, NSW. Pickup is preffered over post but will post at buyers expense. Any questions just message me or sms/call 0403858714.






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My catch can drain plug is a pain to undo and empty, it just pisses out and hard to stop it.Now there is a servo with E85 it fills up pretty quickly.

I was hoping to pump it out from the top but it looks like there are baffles where the lines come in on top, I do not want to stuff it and I do not know the configuration of the baffles and just do not want to drill through them :/

Any suggestions ?? 

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2 hours ago, reaper said:

Put a line on the spot where the drain plug is an extend it to under the car, that way you can just open it and dump it into a container which is how mine is setup.

Do not understand exactly what you mean, got a pic ?


I was thinking that I will have to have the catch can taken out to do it properly. Use a butterfly tap , attach a hose to it, with the hose going low enough to miss all the other parts so I can put a container under it.

There is no room to do anything where the drain plug is , I made a funnel with a long hose to drain it , but hard to catch it all when the plug comes out and shit went everywhere , I did catch most of it but, yuk!

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image.thumb.png.163a88e7968b947270d8159a94470d99.pngthe drain plug is in a situation were it is hard to undo without it going everywhere as you cannot get anything under it , I will have to have it pulled and and do as you suggest,

Would have been easier if the drain hole was not just about flush :( 

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made up a hose and chopped up a milk carton , some thin aluminium and joined them all to make a funnel. The milk carton is pliable and can be sort of molded around the drain hole and it worked pretty good and only a few drips got away, next time I will put a tissue under it and all good  


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