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    • By timmy_89
      Looks like the time has come for me to sell this gallant steed after owning it for near 7 years. I'm not in a rush to sell but also have no real need to keep it. Time to move on to something new. Please note, this car will be sold as a 'track car with rego', the new owner can choose which path they wish to take.
      I purchased this car back in August 2012 with 152,000kms at which time it had minor mods running just over 200rwkw and completely stock body, suspension, etc. It was a daily for the original owner who did a lot of highway driving. Originally it was used as a weekend car which progressed in to the occasional event and then to full time 'track car'. It has however retained full rego but it is honestly only driven on the street to get to local events.
      It has always been well maintained with fluids being changed reguarly. Have had many good results with the car over the years, particularly at Mount Panorama events with multiple 1st in class and the odd top 3 outright. Car has been built up to suit WTAC clubsprint rules, only thing you need to change to compete in clubsprint right now is the tyres. Alternatively, most parts can be included to return this back to a street car with some impressive power.
      It's possible I will miss something below so if so feel free to shoot through any questions. Test drives will be allowed only after a deposit is made.
      Generic details:
      1998 Nissan Skyline R34 GTT (sunroof model)
      Genuine 177,000kms
      Silver paint, currently vinyl wrapped
      Rego until 14th May 2019, no outstanding defects, will provide further details to serious buyers
      Located Bathurst NSW
      Asking price $23,000 negotiable
      Healthy (original) RB25DET Neo
      Adaptronic modular M6000 ECU
      Reconditioned head
      Camtech 272 cams (VCT removed)
      Custom titanium valve spring and retainer setup
      Nitto headgasket and gasket kit
      ARP headstuds
      RB26 intake plenum
      6boost twin scroll manifold
      Garret GTW3476 with custom twin scroll 1.01ar vband rear housing (will also come with custom twin scroll 0.84ar vband rear housing)
      4" turbo intake with K&N filter
      2x Turbosmart Gen-V  40mm wastegates with braided boost lines and screamers
      Turbosmart 40psi oil pressure reg
      Turbosmart eBoost2 boost controller
      Custom intercooler piping
      Fenix intercooler
      3.5" dump pipe to 3" straight through exhaust
      Fenix 52mm radiator
      Nismo thermostat
      OEM water pump replaced ~10,000kms ago
      Fenix oil cooler
      Nismo engine mounts
      Regularly serviced with Nulon 15W50 Racing Oil
      Made 420rwkw at 26-28psi with the 0.84ar rear housing
      Currently running 370rwkw at 22psi with the 1.01ar rear housing (required 4 port boost solenoid to run more boost)
      All major engine work and tune completed at Redsun Motorsport within the last 5,000kms
      Fuel setup:
      Bosch 2200cc injectors
      Fuel rail
      Holley fuel pressure reg
      Earls fuel filter
      Aftermarket Industries SP1200 surge tank
      3x Walbro 460 fuel pumps (1 in main tank 2 in surge tank)
      Braided fuel lines
      Custom clutch by Jim Berry, 6 puk single plate solid centre 5,000lbs pressure plate
      Custom flywheel by Jim Berry
      New OEM gearbox 15,000kms ago
      Nismo gearbox mount
      Nulon full synthetic 75W85 change regularly
      Nismo 1.5 way LSD
      Nulon full synthetic 80W140 changed regularly
      BC Racing BR coilovers
      Whiteline 24mm front swaybar
      Whiteline 24mm rear swaybar
      Cusco adjustable front upper control arms
      Hardrace adjustable rear camber arms
      Hardrace adjustable rear traction arms
      Hicas lockbar
      ABS delete kit
      Braided brake lines all around
      Alpha Omega Racing big brake kit front/rear
      - Evo 8 front Brembo calipers (rebuilt <5,000kms ago)
      - Attackd 350mm Evo 10 front rotors
      - Evo 9 rear Brembo calipers (rebuilt <5,000kms ago)
      - DBA 370Z 350mm rear rotors
      Intima Type D V2 pads all around
      Project Mu G-Four 335 brake fluid changed regularly
      Z tune style carbon/fibreglass vented bonnet
      Front splitter made using aluminium composite board
      Full custom wrap by Prowaps and Graphics (silver paint under wrap)
      OEM R34 GTR 18x9 wheels, some scuffs/marks
      Yokohama Advan A050 265/35R18
      Stripped interior
      Nardi steering wheel with short boss kit
      Bride fixed back seat
      Takata 6 point harness
      AGI bolt in 4 point cage
      Fire extinguisher
      Defi Link gauges (oil pressure, oil temp, water temp)
      AEM AFR gauge
      Nismo gearknob
      A/C removed
      Battery relocated to boot
      Front tow strap
      Damage on front drivers guard  (pictured)
      Airbags removed
      Spares/removed parts included:
      OEM bonnet (wrapped to match current wrap)
      Full original interior available
      Original suspension arms
      TCS/ABS/hicas computers plus loom
      Most A/C parts
      OEM radiator
      Other miscellaneous stock parts or spares for the track
      Recent track times:
      Mount Panorama 2:28.1
      Mount Panorama Esses Hill Climb 0:28.16
      Mount Panorama Supersprint 0:48.52
      SMSP GP Circuit 1:42.7
      Less recent track times:
      Mount Panorama Esses Descent 0:40.38 (2016 with ~300rwkw/AD08R tyres)
      Mount Panorama Mountain Straight Hill Climb 0:50.11 (2015 with ~260rwkw/AD08R tyres)
      SMSP Brabham Circuit 2:15.8 (2016 with ~300rwkw/AD08R tyres)
      SMSP South Circuit 1:05.3 (2016 with ~300rwkw/AD08R tyres)
      Sandown Raceway 1:25.01 (2016 with ~300rwkw/AD08R tyres)
      Wakefield Park 1:09.07 (2015 with ~260rwkw/AD08R tyres)

    • By timmy_89
      Brand new never used
      Purchased for my track car and never ended up fitting them

      Also suits Nissan Silvia S14 / S15

      RRP $745
      Take these ones for $600
      Pickup in Bathurst NSW or willing to include postage in Australia for the asking price

      Link below to Hardrace website

    • By Jhare413
      Hey guys,
      I recently bought a 1998 R34 GTT Coupe, and it has come with some Tein Super Street coilovers (P/N QEN68-Z1531 at the front and QEN69-Z1531 at the rear), which just don't fit the car properly, it sits too low in the front and can't be raised any more. This means that the car scrapes on every bump in the road and even on moderate cornering. As far as I can tell, these coilovers are designed for an R33 GTR??
      So I am planning on changing them out for Bilstein shocks and King springs, which I have been doing a bunch of reading about Sydneykid's group buy back in about 2006 I think. Seems like a really good street/occasional track setup for a daily driver. Just wanted to check that it's still a good setup nowadays for the money. Also, I noticed that Sydneykid said that the ones he sold were individually valved for each sale:
      "Yes Daniel, I have specified revalving for the Bislteins to suite the spring and bar rates I have chosen."
      So I'm wondering if I will need to get my Bilsteins revalved as well?
      Additionally, I have read on the group buy that the Bilstein shocks are height adjustable by circlips? But I'm not quite sure what this means and if it is specific to the Sydneykid group buy, or if all Bilstein shocks are height adjustable. If I am aiming for approximately the 350mm front and 340mm rear (wheel centre to guard) that is recommended in the group buy, will the Bilstein shocks and kings springs around that?
      Sorry for asking so many questions, any help is appreciated, cheers.
    • By ant34
      For sale :
      R34 GTR 2014 World Time attack open class winning car (roller) Ex powertune car built by Steve Ka 
      Very serious car with a lot of time and money spent to get it to this level..this car has lapped 1.30 at SMP officially and 1.29 in testing .. 
      BC racing suspension that has been completely re valved and setup by Supa Shock to their specs using their internals including cars geometry (receipts for 18k) 
      Custom Anti roll bar 
      Custom v8 supercar spec roll cage by pro fab including stitch welding 
      Vsport custom AP racing brake kit with bosonjack dog bones and 380mm supercar rotors milled down 375 
      Willwood pedal box 
      All new lines inc Brake hard lines all redone by purusic engineering including fuel system, 4wd , power steering 
      Custom dash 
      Custom Hypertune Intercooler 
      Setrab oil cooler
      Custom surge tank inc pumps 
      Dry sump kit
      Aero by Top stage (carbon doors with lexin windows , carbon boot, carbon wing, front guards, bonnet ,carbon splitter ) 
      Velo race seat 
      Custom steering column and wheel 
      Genuine Volk racing 18x 10.5 re30s
      Comes with front diff already setup for dry sump kit with front diff installed 
      Custom tunnel setup for Albins sequential 
      Motec keypad 
      brand new paint (cost 18k) 
      Car is ready for a new engine combo/ gearbox/ wiring and is already setup to lap fast ! 
      Much much more ive forgotten, come check it out ! 
      Suits keen racer that’s ready to go Time Time attack or hill climb racing, time consuming expensive fabrication and geometry setup is already done ! 
      Car comes with various springs and some spares
      URGENT SALE ! 
      Serious enquires only 
      55k negotiable

    • By N155@N
      Hi SAU,
      Looking to buy a healthy R34 GTR Getrag 6 gearbox. It's going into an R33 GTR, so if you have any of the conversion pieces (diffs, drive shafts, mounts, etc.) i'll also be interested in those.
      Please contact me here.