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    • By gmr
      Hi gents
      Got my eye on something with chrome bumpers so am looking to sell my 1996 R33 Skyline GTST.
      It's not your typical ebay built R33 shitter. Has had money spent on it and is very solid, it's a ball to drive and if I had the room I would keep it.
      130ish km (will check). Majority of the mods are less than 3000km old.
      Engine & fuel:
      Apexi Power FC w/ E85 tune.
      Hypergear high flow turbo
      Blitz FMIC
      Custom IC piping
      Walbro Fuel Pump
      740cc injectors
      Z32 AFM
      3" turbo back exhaust 
      New coilpacks
      New timing belt
      New water pump
      Custom catchcan setup w/ speedflow fittings/lines
      ASI alloy radiator
      Exedy cushion button clutch
      R200 4.3 w/ ATS 1.5 way LSD
      Short shifter
      Hard-race poly engine mounts
      Hard-race poly gearbox mounts
      RDA slotted rotors
      PMU pads 
      BC BR coilovers
      Whiteline sway bar front
      Whiteline sway bar rear
      Hard-race castor arms
      Hard-race front camber arms
      HICAS delete and rear toe kit
      Rear adjustable camber arms (Hard-race rear camber arms come with car but are not installed as yet). 
      Rear traction arms (Hard-race rear traction arms come with car but are not installed as yet). 
      Cusco front strut bar
      Whiteline rear strut bar
      Velo steering wheel
      Velo Podium II XL
      Velo 6pt harness
      Adjustable rail
      HKS boost gauge
      Autometer Water Temp
      VicDrift half-cage with harness bar (drivers)
      Sony headunit.
      Good points:
      Shell and paint is in relatively good nic for it's age.
      Everything works (power windows, mirrors, etc. AC is ice cold). 
      Goes hard, sounds grouse, brakes and gets around corners very well. The ATS diff is sublime.
      Bad points:
      Gearbox is noisy and if shifting flat out it notches at high rpm going 3rd to 4th.
      Rear drivers pod has a crack.
      Cold start tune is fine during summer but is hard going <10 degrees.
      Rego's expired, if you want Vic rego can put you in touch with a few guys who can help.
      $15k ono. Doesn't come with RPF1s/Hankook RS4s, but if you're really keen on them we can sort something out. All and any inspections, tests welcome. 0447 738 908

    • By hardsteppa
      Welcome. Welcome one welcome all - to partz for sells. Can post auswide, pm for costs.
      First - Nismo adjustable fuel pressure regulator. Fairly new, and in good working order. I know this for fact, cos i'm still currently using it, but won't fit my new fuel rail so...

      GK Tech poly subframe bushes. These are BRAND NEW - didn't even make it to the garage, and are still in the box. Bought them to address roll centre correction but achieved the same by cutting the top off the whiteline bushes I already had installed so didn't use these. My loss, yo gain. Fits a number of vehicles; details here on the GK Tech website -

      Apexi SAFC NEO. In excellent working order and worked well for me, but now have a standalone ecu. In good working order as pics show. Has a strip of thermotape across the top (protect it from being roasted when parked in sun) - not an issue, but to mention it for detail of condition. Other than that, bloody choice bruv.

    • By Dyzzii
      Hi guys
      I've been lead to believe by my tuner that my VVT cam gear is making some noise. Around 5000rpm every single pull a noise is picked up by the knock sensor, which keeps going until about 5500rpm at which point it stops, and the ECU sometimes thinks it's knock and pulls timing to compensate. Tuner seems to think it is my intake cam gear, and believes it may be getting a bit noisy for some strange reason. Noise has been described to me almost as a "ddddrrrrrrdrrrrrdrrrrdrrrrrrrrdrrrrrrrr" (best way I can describe it on here) and happens every single pull. Can only be heard through the knock sensor which makes diagnosing it a real pain, as putting it on the dyno every time I replace a component is not even remotely practical. Normally this would not bother me enough to pursue, but because it is affecting how the car drives on some pulls, it's not something i'm happy to leave alone.
      He has also suggested that it could potentially be a lifter, but that seems very unlikely as these cars have solid lifters off memory. 
      So I contacted Nissan, and am unable to get a brand new intake cam gear for less than $1,200 which is absolutely absurd. So i'm now contemplating other solutions to my problem, and have been thinking I would actually be better off going aftermarket cams with adjustable cam gears. However my setup is still relatively stock with a few bolt ons (front mount, exhaust, cold air intake, nistune ecu, stock turbo, stock injectors etc).
      So my questions really are:
      1. Are there any other suggestions for what this noise could be?
      2. What other solutions would I have rather than paying $1,200 for a gear from Nissan?
      3. Would going cams on a setup as stock as this even be worth it?
      4. How much power would I lose if I just went adjustable cam gears on the stock cams?
      On a side note, I have recently replaced the cambelt with a GATES timing kit as I was lead to believe that could have been the culprit. Mechanic told me the previous cambelt had not been done very well, and had likely been overtensioned. So this rules out the cambelt or any related tensioners to it, but could reinforce the idea of the cam gear being the culprit?...
      Appreciate any and all feedback!
    • By SandyBill
      Hey just wanted to add this image here as there is none floating about on the correct layout for the sard jet pump in case anyone got confused by the manual on an R34 GTT 1999. 
      Hope it can help someone out someday.