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  1. Nice turbos, easy 600rwkw got 2 G35s here atm, very close in response to the 1050 also here.
  2. Should be no worries im sitting on the dyno now in a GTR with a powerfc and the same injectors, im happy to do up to 2200cc's.
  3. i hope the map sensor is still fitted.....
  4. Cheers yes its a bit crazy ATM lol.... covid frenzy.
  5. This is not quite accurate, we are tuners of both and the ECUTEK offers more flexibility, i think your confusion may have come from the fact there was a few places doing OTS tunes like cobb and TBH i have never seen an OTS tune on any platform that is any good. Custom tuning or nothing in my opinion.
  6. this is probably the only real solution, your car is not laggy to begin with and i cant think of another turbo which will offer enough real world differences.
  7. odd, i always have the opposite experience we can often fix issues by fitting them. All our track customers use them, our nascar engines also have them std. This car was fitted with one 8odd years back and will do 45min plus track sessions flat out anywhere...
  8. not on a r34 GTR ecu, no nistune support. i have a few jap ones here that are but its a big job and a pfc is cheaper as a tuned job.
  9. the platinum kit is good but does have a draw back the coils dont pull back through the billet plate (3d printed boosts are too big). Minor gripe, ive had about 5 kits through with zero issues.
  10. these are where alot of the replicas ive seen (and other reputable shops) are from. If you check out the link below you will see some big name shops having the same dramas. Click on the comments icon and it will open the conversation. click here Run conservative dwell on the golebys ones to be safe. Battery Voltage (V) Dwell Time (msec) 8 5.60 10 3.40 12 2.48 14 2.00 16 1.65 18 1.42
  11. these AEM wheels are junk, same scatter as stock. Ive pulled about 5 out.
  12. yeah problem is even the most popular vendors are selling copies.... you will see that in the post i linked earlier. ive tried 3 reputable vendors and all are selling copies dressed as genuine.
  13. DENSO... Problem is they all are exact copies including the toyota part numbers and DENSO markings..so there is no way to tell.... tested spark energy is not much better than spltfires anyway...
  14. unless you buy the yaris coils from toyota or a known oem supplier dont bother we get heap through the shop and they fail constantly, many other big name shops are also seeing the same failures. Read the replies...
  15. all the tuning is done in the following table so you actually dont really need the data, i've had to make dozens of maf curves from scratch as we mix and match housings and cooler pipe sizes on a weekly basis. Most people forget that with powerFC the FUEL table is only a target AF table and should not need "TUNING" (Fill in your taget afs in the INJMAP table then tune in the AIR FLOW CURVE table)
  16. Fire fox users https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/photobucket-fix/
  17. All the embedded photos are with photobucket, due to a recent owner change they have decided to charge for hosting (399 usd a year) if you use CHROME this work around will allow you to view allthe missing images. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/photobucket-embed-fix/naolkcpnnlofnnghnmfegnfnflicjjgj?hl=en https://github.com/kzahel/photobucket-embed-fix
  18. ill fix this up when i get time, photobucket has sold out and wants drug money to host so every pic is missing.
  19. if your looking to go 3582 later, go to a map based ecu now or make sure the afm is in the cold side of the piping to make it easier later on..
  20. sorry i binned all my old gear a few years back.
  21. dont go 8cm, we did back to back 8cm and 10cm on a t67 on 2.5 and found the 8cm just choked it, its posted on here somewhere or on our facebook page.
  22. greddy radiator, new clutch hub and std fan, 45min sessions at winton non stop no issues @ 370rwkw on std engine in 35c heat. has 115mm greddy intercooler in front of it as well.
  23. i have back to backs with 320rwkw greddy and plazmaman vs std and in both cases there was very little difference and there was zero difference between std throttle and q45 on the greddy at 350rwkw. That said the extra accessibility was worth it on both cars as they see lots of track work.
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