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  1. and tbh most break in oils were straight 30w.... and lucas is a straight 20 weight
  2. yeah 5w-30 wont damage a new motor from being too thin
  3. do not use the port on the throttle body as its ported.
  4. no the factory RB20 reg is fine for 350rwkw plus... you have a tune related ignition problem.
  5. would be sweet to keep this updated.... im always dishing out inj info. i might update it over coming months... its easier to give out links to this page.
  6. insert chipped ecu (with rev limit and speed cut removed no other features) all problems will disappear... i wish.... i could do 30 cars a day instead of 3. Not sure how all these ecus still surface after so many years... i thought id binned enough for everyone.
  7. We run ours in the boot with no issues, done everything from endurance, sprints and drifting with no issues. Excuse the old under car shots... lot different spec nowadays
  8. Do yourself a favor and look at KV8 EMTRON, we have just finished a Sports Sedan (recent championship winner) with one. Unrivalled input output count, real traction control and launch control not just a listed minimal feature. Its well known in serious motorsport circles as of late. in built 3 axis accelerometer dual CAN on board dual 4.9 wideband on board dual knock fly by wire auto blip auto change etc 16 aux out 14 analogue inputs 12 digital inputs Just an unbiased suggestion, we tune and fit everything with Haltech elite being my preferred solution for everything except full race stuff as it is not quite fully featured yet... give it a year or so and no doubt all the features will be released and it will be comparable. With the haltech you also dont have anywhere enough input outputs without buying a lot of expansion CAN products. We are looking at EMTRON as the premium product that was reserved for MOTEC customers in the past... the EMTRON is fully featured out of the box so NO need to PAY to UNLOCK.
  9. pump i reckon, BUT do you have an oil cooler? remote filter etc?
  10. will need the boost control tables changed n the Link to reflect the physical changes you just made.
  11. Book into a tuner put it on dyno... live tune it..... job done... simple. i have around 13000 tunes in my laptop and not one will suit your setup... no one on earth will have a satisfactory "tune" to drop in your ecu..
  12. should be a big difference, the inlet cam really responds well to adjustment on the RB26
  13. keep em tight ours lasted years of abuse at the middle range.
  14. just bolt on the T88GK it will do 900-1100hp at the wheel no problem... on e85 expect way more.
  15. The new 1300 and 1700s from ID are a whole new ball game though, internals are made inhouse with BOSCH motorpsort department... they are streets above the rest ATM.
  16. you have the wrong adapters.... in 2mins you can fix it by getting the same adapters as ive listed below... these are a bit dear @7ea though so shop around. http://www.asnuperformance.com.au/gallery/Injector%2BExtensions/injector-extension-adapter-to-10mm-denso/123094?view=grid
  17. use std rail and get the proper adapter for it... std rail will suport big HP and the adapters are super cheap... we use id1000 on std rails weekly.
  18. you can also carefully remove the return (grind shave etc) and fit AN bulkhead fittings. I done that a few times in R34 GTRS
  19. Garbage, had more than 20 odd be untenable due to massive creep.
  20. yup, had the pleasure of tuning a twin -7 or -9's (cant remember which) on a ex-gated manifold and the difference was appreciable.
  21. Run bcpr7eix @0.55mm and plug changes are literally non existent (tri yearly operation..) factory plenum works fine into the high 300s. GT3076 0.82 or hypergear G4 SAT
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