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  1. Had a picture on my computer with some numbers. Downloaded it somewhere sometime, can't remember where. Tells the engine starting numbers for R32-R34 by year.
  2. MINE's made the same thing, but with RB25 AFM internals in stock RB26 65mm housing.
  3. http://forum.nistune.com/viewtopic.php?t=2746 Here you go guys. There is your answer. Would be great if there was a adjustable map for IAT. Maybe one day...
  4. Definitely not the O2 Sensor. Could be CAS though.
  5. If there is fuel and spark check if the timing is off. You use stock CAS? Had the car not starting once and the CAS was gone. It had spark and fuel but timing was way off.
  6. Was the -5 graph also with e85 and with the 2.7L? Great results.
  7. This is so awesome. Nice to see someome did this. Really good idea. Would also like to know for how much you could sell a set when the final product is finished
  8. Ans updates on this? There are a few guys in germany who tried to register to SAU but it's not working. Is this a known problem?
  9. The link to the website ist two post above yours mate. Will give you all data FAST will give you.
  10. How many RB engines bite the dust with very low milage? Who here had never a stupid problem like CAS, Coilpacks, AFMs or other million things like that that keeps him from driving it? I had all the problems above and more, as a lot of other people. Every year a new one. Some more than once. Also a cracked head from one day to another. Almost knocked out oil pump drive. Always took (way to much) care of the car. Also a lot of other people I know had similar problems. And a shitload of people online had this problems in my more than 6 years as a owner and always online searching forums everyday. If yours is fine, enjoy it before it goes bang. And start saving money for a rebuild. Of course a lot of the needed engine rebuilds you see are done because of careless modifying/servicing from (previous) owners. As always said, don't buy a Skyline if you can't afford a engine rebuild. The stock engine WILL blow! My personal opinion: I hate RB engines, but man, I love them when they are running. Could never give it away.
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