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  1. World's biggest ant hill.

  2. We deal with pete @ nistune (all the orders) but im pretty sure they are 50/50 partners MATT and PETER. Skys the limit with nistune and PFC as we can now measure up to around 1500hp with HPX airflow meters
  3. Can gears are setup for peak not response. There is 500 to 650rpm in fixing the cam timing.
  4. Tap a fitting into ex manifold and measure the pressure, i bet its crazy high
  5. Powerfc and Nistune are literally the same neither is light years ahead they are still the same age hardware wise.... we are one of the biggest Nistune dealers and yes i love them but to trash PFC is foolhardly... the pfc is still the best bang for buck rb25 ecu on the planet....
  6. made over 600rwkw, airflow meter is the key, if you can measure the air your good to go. The new HPX in a 4" tube will go 1200 plus hp
  7. Thats about right, we have had a few on pump not able to crack 270, same thing timing limited. It works mint on E85 but unless you have a killer exhaust manifold and cooler it will struggle.
  8. you should be able to run it standalone, r33 run fine as plug and play. We do dozens.
  9. Awesome update

  10. its a great ecu we had a play with a few in sweden and norway 2012 /2013 (we were going to be the Australian distributor but they took to long and pushed the RRP price up substantially) real shame. we have moved across to EMTRON as it does everything plus more.
  11. Week after week we throw these blatant pieces of junk in the bin..... https://www.facebook.com/ChequeredTuning/photos/pb.192234970820442.-2207520000.1452579619./956311411079457/?type=3&theater
  12. the guy has a ACCC case pending if someone is keen... the website and packaging claim power and economy increases that are just not there... with no disclaimers. even increased combustion... its clearly stated it offers these increases yet doesn't deliver... 100% has to refund.
  13. yup, ditch the yellow junkets and fit a set of BCPR7eix gapped to 0.55mm and there will be no missfires.
  14. check coolant level, they hunt when the water pulses through the IAC. check vacuum leaks.
  15. i wont touch the id2000 copies sooo many failures... worse still is the seats wear and the injectors change over time. this is the only injector we use for 2000cc and over http://www.aftermarketindustries.com.au/injectors-c49/siemens-2433cc-injectors-p218/ the real ID700s seem to be excellent as a mid size and the delphi 1400cc which are also unmodified are a much better choice for lower requirents.
  16. the internal volume of the std 26 rail is more than some of the aftermarket rails. Once dual feed modified they generally flow more than the mechanical limits of the engines they are attached too.
  17. by something decent like emtron and it has fuel density, pressure and temp as part of its fuel model.
  18. used 1000s of them, the single pintle side feeds can be a temperamental for idle quality and it seems to be batch dependant.
  19. piss the thermos off and fit engine fan and shroud, job done... you wont miss 2kw
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