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  1. I'd be looking for a new tuner. Someone who can confidently tune your ecu and not have it knock.
  2. I like this a lot!
  3. Ok, so I have correct tps at attesa ecu. What's next? I can get the pump to run for approx 5 or so seconds with the bleed plug in the kick panel disconnected. However, it doesn't prime when ign is switched on. Could it be a faulty accumulator?
  4. nt 

    Need to sell, no longer required
  5. I sold a 6262 something like 2 or more years ago...... Are you sure you have the right person?
  6. R33 GTR power fc and hand controller Great condition $650 Inc postage
  7. Ran a new PB for the wagon on Saturday 60ft 2.149, 1/8th [email protected] 1/4 [email protected] still rwd. Need the awd working and see if I can shave some time off the 60ft
  8. That all seems to be ok. Peter from techedge has been trying to walk me through it via email. Should get it sorted hopefully. I may have been a little too eager to hook it up to my laptop, and now have to be walked through the set up process
  9. Tech edge install Anyone have any experience installing a 2c0b Wideband with LX1 Display and I cannot get it to communicate with my laptop. I am using a digitus usb serial convertor (works fine with my datalogit) and have checked drivers and comm port and is showing up as comm4. I keep getting timeout errors and a PIM error on the device itself. LX1 Display is showing nD I think regardless of with position is selected (0,1,2,3). I have the lsu 4.9 sensor and the correct htx file saved to the desktop if I need it. But I cannot seem to get any of it to work. My computer knowledge is limited hence why I purchased a complete unit. Any help is appreciated. I spent hours last night trying to work it out. I tried re-flashing the unit and is came up complete without any retries, but I'm still not having any luck.