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  1. fmlycar

    It's not staying on, it usually never comes on
  2. fmlycar

    One of the rear abs rings (passenger side) has a crack through it. Would that make a difference? I put it in gear while it was off the ground and it has drive to the front left, but I can stop it with my hand
  3. fmlycar

    Ok thanks. I'll have a look and a thorough clean in there too
  4. fmlycar

    How can I confirm this?
  5. fmlycar

    Attesa not working I have a S1 C34 that is manual converted, with power fc. I have the secret squirrel mod done. It previously had an extreme TSC that I removed thinking that may be the cause, but no change. My AWD has never worked since I bought the car 2 years ago. When I purchased the car the owner said the Attesa needed to be bled since the gearbox had been out. I bled the Attesa and it still doesn't work. I can hear the pump prime when I turn ign on and it runs occasionally while sitting at idle. I have had the awd and abs lights come on and stay on after sitting idle for long periods. I don't seem to have any fault codes to try and work out why it doesn't work. I have checked that the Attesa ECU is receiving a TPS signal and that is all ok. I'd really like to get it working, as it is hard getting the power down just through the rear wheels. I've been reading and am thinking either pressure switch or accumulator. Is there any way to check these for sure?
  6. fmlycar

    All sorted. Fitted a 10k 1/2w resistor as a pull up from 12v and now it all works perfectly
  7. fmlycar

    As soon as I remove the wire for the shift light the tach works again.
  8. fmlycar

    I have a S1 C34 which is run by an r34 gtt power fc. I'm trying to install a gizzmo shift light, but when I splice into the tach drive signal (pin 5) I loose my tach all together, but the shift light receives the signal, as I have set a shift point and used the hand controller to confirm light is displayed at correct rpm. Is the any way I can receive a tach signal and still have the factory tach in the dash to continue to work? Or is there another wire I can tap into that will work? Or do I need to use a pull up resistor to amplify the signal?
  9. I'd be looking for a new tuner. Someone who can confidently tune your ecu and not have it knock.
  10. fmlycar

    I like this a lot!
  11. fmlycar

    Ok, so I have correct tps at attesa ecu. What's next? I can get the pump to run for approx 5 or so seconds with the bleed plug in the kick panel disconnected. However, it doesn't prime when ign is switched on. Could it be a faulty accumulator?
  12. fmlycar


    Need to sell, no longer required