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  1. theres prob 20rwkw in fixing your fueling issue.
  2. use the correct its not the main load source only auxiliary.
  3. Dead or failing o2 sensors do all those things...
  4. No 100% correct. same car 2 different tyres *10-15mph difference... same day same driver. Changing from 215 nankangs to 255 et streets didnt magically make any more power. Gone are the average days of a bit of spin then grip enough to cross the line.... half the "average" turbo cars nowadays will powerskid 400m no sweat... and cross the line way off the optimum MPH.
  5. most cars cant handle it... we have high 300 cars running 9-10 then 500kw cars running 10-12s lol.... MPH is no longer an accurate SOLE indicator perfect example
  6. needs speed input, its hitting tp cut, speed input 0.
  7. buy a LS1 oil pressure sensor off ebay they are a great accurate budget 3wire sensor.... often repackaged into dearer ecu brand boxes.
  8. try a set of bcpr7eix gapped to 0.55mm. should fix it. we do around 10-12 skylines a week and 9 times out of ten it will fix the really persistent misfires.
  9. It gonna sound harsh but if you cant figure that out you should think twice about your ability to fit it properly... anyone can bolt things together but if you dont understand why it often runs into issues later on.
  10. No a base map should run the car enough for it to be checked for leaks.... NOT TO DRIVE TO A TUNER... there is so much needed before its deemed safe to drive (ignition offset angles, latency etc) just those 2 alone could bore wash or melt an engine in a simple drive.
  11. can use anything with powerFC provided the impedance is right, go high impedance and remove the resistor pack. Scottys injectors work great we tuned a fair few sets in cars he's built for his customers.
  12. Water meth is awesome! BUT only if you have sufficient fall back measures literally one pull without the WMI working will turn the engine inside out. Its UBER important to make sure the ecu can pull timing or shut down the minute the WMI system falters or runs dry.
  13. also use a plug wire between coil and plug, if you use the back timing loop and dont know the trick it will give an incorrect reading.
  14. Just remember with SAFC that pulling fuel automatically ADDS timing so make sure you know what your doing.
  15. just check the top diameter they might be to large to fit in std rail.
  16. yup most of the time we run coppers in street cars around that power but in anything serious that pushes the std coil packs or splitfires we up the spec to the race plugs otherwise you will change them like underwear plus you will get more timing in consistently with a finer tip.. very important in circuit cars where the large electrode in a std copper plug will want to induce pre-ignition.
  17. performance isnt cheap.... that said those plugs listed above have been in a circuit car for 3 years and are still mint at 35psi
  18. WOFT, dont bother... add an extra pound of boost for the same result as a 1.5k port job.... see it all the time.
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