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  1. bringing back an old thread hoping for some help Has anyone done a manual conversion on a S2? alot of the info in this thread is for series 1 stagea and wiring for the transmission is different from S1 to S2 (tiptronic) I am assuming the same mod needs to be done for the park inhibiter switch - bridging terminals of the two pin connector, but has anyone sorted out reverse switch wiring? transmission side that is, it appears if you are using the auto harness for the manual - it will need to be cut. I have a series 2 gearbox which has 2 switches on the side, one for reverse and the other I am not sure so if someone knows which is which that would be great too. I did do a continuity (resistance) check of the two switches hoping to find out which one had continuity when in reverse gear, but no resistance - could be a faulty switch? Also, under the centre console there is a little black box - deceleration sensor, it needs to be removed/disconnected to allow the console to fit correctly as it is directly beneath the coin box compartment, has anyone removed this completely or just repositioned it? Has anyone with a factory manual have this little black box? refer to picture Any help is greatly appreciated. Jarrad.
  2. Bought 2 sets for RB20DET and C34 RB25DET neo, very happy with these. Very fast delivery and service. Seriously guys, if you need coil packs and are weighing up about whether to buy Yellow jackets, splitfires, JJR or supersparks. Don't hesitate to buy these, prices are great and quality is top notch.
  3. care to share this info found? part numbers, price etc.
  4. Is it just air box, or does it include intake ducts too?
  5. Interested in swapping starcorps for set of stagea Autech rims with tyres? In SA.
  6. Looking for a R32 gtst LHF guard, preferably gun metal grey. Or if someone has a set of GTR front guards in gun metal grey, let me know.
  7. What type of stereo and ac controls do you have? S1 or S2
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