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Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has done a tuning course at Unigroup Engineering? If so how good was it? Now i know Yavuz and he's worked on my car before but was just wondering if anyones done the course. I'm looking at learning how to tune as its just something that i'd like to know how to do, i currently have an AEM Eugo wideband on the way but in terms of knock detection equipment i'm still looking. I know the basics of tuning but seeing what others have done and reading up on it doesn't compare to getting hands on experience. I'm going to be tuning my Nissan 300ZX Z32 NA+TT with 10.8:1 comp and Water/Methanol Injection.

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LOL at F&F quotes. Thanks for the replies guys, i'm gunna try doing the course as soon as i can but i'm already mid way into a turbo conversion so when the cars ready i'll try organising a group of people who are interested for the day.

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