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Rb25 rod power limit ? Replace pistons ?

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Hello sau folks , last post was regarding some Hks rods I was interested in purchasing for my rb25. Little did we know a worldwide pandemic was in the works ?. Regardless those are already sold and I must move on. Must’ve been fate.

Anyways I wanted to know what the durability of the stock rb25 rods were and what power they start to go at. It’s not like I’m looking for huge power (350-500hp) but I am looking for great long run reliability. I know the stock pistons are the first to go before rods so I don’t mind getting some forgies. 

I have done some research and read rb26 rods are a great and cheap alternative for added beefiness. So might be on the look for some. 

So should I just pair my stock rods with forged pistons or go the rb26 rod, forged piston route ?

or am I just overthinking it lol.


thank you guys. 

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8 hours ago, GTSBoy said:

Just prep the stockies if you're not wanting to spend money. If you're happy to spend some money, forged rods are "infinitely" stronger.

I don’t mind spending on some forged rods , but want to know what’s the limit on the stock rods so I could maybe excuse that expense. If they survive my power levels for a good time that’s all I care for. Think I’ll definitely be getting some forged pistons though.


thank you 

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1 hour ago, Kinkstaah said:

This. Even when stock engines fail, I can't recall a single post in the last 10+ years here of

"A rod let go"
"A piston melted"

Well if there is no stock limit on the rods , think I’ll be putting some arp rod bolts , forged pistons and see how they go.


thank you cheers

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