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RH9 R32 GTR Build Thread

OST Micah

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A bit more progress before the end of the year. Manifold fully welded and wastegate added. It didn't quite fit where I initially thought it would but I made something work. The hot spots on the manifold are not from welding (not that my welds are fantastic!). They are from using the torches to move the runners back where they needed to be after welding.

Manifold is now done! Fits with PS, AC, ABS, and no cutting the hood. What a chore. Huge props to those that do this all day everyday. This is only my second manifold and my first with a true collector. I wish I did this more often so I could get better.








For the charge pipe I wanted to go through the factory hole and fill in the one I made for the first turbo setup. Cut the v-band off the comp housing and tacked on a Plazmaman clamp. It's tight between the housing and the AC lines so I had to cut about 1/4" off each clamp flange and even with a donut it barely clears. I'll do another clamp flush with the factory hole so the entire pipe can come out and it's not in the way when working on the car. Second section of the donut is just held up for reference; not a final piece.



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Chipping away at it some more. Got the cold side piping finished. I am doing better at aluminum welding and getting more consistent with adding filler. I don't do it often enough to perfect it but progress is progress.






Started on the downpipe as well. Had to use stainless this time because there is no aluminum available anywhere thanks to good old Joe. Let's go Brandon! 



Exhaust is on the car again and I'll be connecting it to the downpipe and making the wastegate dump next.

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Turbo system is complete! Downpipe is connected to the exhaust and wastegate dump made. Unfortunately I made a silly mistake and did not bolt up the AC pump lower bolts, just the top bolts. It was not rotated counterclockwise all the way and with the AC lines already bent as much as possible and clearing by a couple mm, they now do not clear with the ump bolted up correctly. Downside of doing things after a long day and trying to hustle I guess. Going to have to remake the top section of intercooler piping.






This is always the hardest part for me; make two pipes meet in the middle at the same angle and along the same line. Seems to take me a lot of time. Does it take everyone else that much time or am I doing it wrong?




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Also converting to DBW with a 2014+ Hemi Challenger throttle body. Got an IO box for Christmas! We have lots of take-offs from customer cars and the bolt pattern is almost identical to Plazmaman's cable throttle. Cut the throttle and clamp down to match the dimensions of the cable throttle so can switch back if needed with no fabrication. Also makes the conversion easier. Got a 350z pedal from a yard for $25 so I'll try to use that. Apparently it's pretty close to bolt on.
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Looks good man, I have the same issue with making pipes up.. just finished most the piping on my build and it's made me want to take a huge break from doing it anytime again.

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On 1/16/2022 at 12:14 AM, soviet_merlin said:

If I may ask, with what and how are you taking your photos? They look great! Super crisp and the lighting and details are on point.

Thank you. It's just my phone. Samsung Galaxy S7. We have really bright lights in the shop which is probably why they're crisp. For engine bay shots I use a stick light otherwise they're really blurry.

On 1/16/2022 at 12:21 AM, SRS13 said:

Great work! That turbo is massive! 


On 1/16/2022 at 12:58 AM, 30ed32 said:

Looks good man, I have the same issue with making pipes up.. just finished most the piping on my build and it's made me want to take a huge break from doing it anytime again.

I feel you there. Very tedious and you can't cut corners on fitment or it'll bite you later. 

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Hot side piping chopped up and remade to give lots of AC line clearance. This one really fought me. I already mentioned I seem to struggle with making too tubes meet in the middle. This was even harder in the very short distance between the comp outlet and bulkhead.



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Posted (edited)

Been a while but I finally got some time to start plucking away at this thing after hours.

Made up a reluctor pickup for the driveshaft speed sensor. Not because it needed it but because I thought of a way to do it and wanted to. 3D printed prototype pictured.



Then I started on an oil filter relocation. I wanted a larger filter, a common filter, and placed in a spot that didn't get everywhere during changes and, if possible, let me keep the oil drain pain in the same spot when draining the sump. This is a rough draft. We'll see how it goes.



Next was to strip the bay (not the entire front clip, no time for that) and paint. I also had to fill in the hole I made a few years ago for the turbo outlet. New metal welded in, filler to smooth on the top and bottom. Cleaned, smoothed, and prepped the bay for paint.




Painted! I'm not a professional and it's not perfect but I think it came out very well for my time input and skill level. 




Starting reassembly. 




Edited by OST Micah
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  • 2 weeks later...

Got a bit more assembled. Brake lines are installed. Going to either remake the one or straighten and rebend. It has a goofy bump by the firewall from someone removing these and reinstalled before me. Bugs my OCD but I needed the lines in so no fluid leaked on the paint after I installed the master and ABS pump. All new hardware being used. New brake line clips as well. I'll clean the reservoirs another day.



Rerouted the body harness in this area. Didn't want to see anything but the turbo parts here.


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Found some old pictures of what the original brake line routing should look like. Removed the lower two lines, rebent them, and covered some of the nicks in one of the lines with heat shrink. Did the other line to match. So much better!




Pistons came back from getting the skirts coated and the tops coated. Motor is going to finally start going together!




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  • 1 month later...

Well the shortblock STILL isn't done. Starting to get a bit impatient. Apparently it's being machined now but that's been the case for a week or two.

In the meantime my cam covers and other parts came back from powder coating. Everything is looks fantastic. Really a shame they're going to get beat up eventually but I'm going to try the best I can to keep them nice. Lots of other parts got coated but I only unwrapped these. Laid my shop's ornament cover on the valley cover and sat my freshly painted CAS on the timing cover. Going to look mint!




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Thank you. As many times as these covers come off I really wanted something that would be durable. The paint was nice for a couple months but quickly started to deteriorate. Good to know your coating is holding up still!

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