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    • By DTT_Eruc
      Is it possible that tight valve clearance on the exhaust side can cause little to no vacuum on idle...... This is regards to a RB25DET NEO i got...Re done the head installing tomei 1.2 head gasket and lapp over the valves however after that was done the intake side was at nissan specs of 0.012 and the exhaust is way tighter(0.014 to 0.015) on all 12 of the exhaust... will this cause such issue... secondly my last chance was to check to see if my timing was off
    • By hardsteppa
      so, car is a 1996 s2 R33, RB25DET engine, running a PFC and aftermarket fuel rail. The unused centre cap of the rail had a fine leak spraying fuel out so pulled it out and put a new cap/seal on, and black Toyota FIPG on the threads cos it's a bitch to pull out and i don't want it to leak ever again. Rail/injectors are just on 6 months old (1/2 length Bosch ev14 960cc injectors). Had a real problem finding o-rings in stock though so only found new o-rings for the top (fuel) end of the injectors, and re-used lower manifold-end o-rings, which were still flexible/compliant. Starting it up this morning after finishing the job last night -  no leak from the fitting, but now idling 18:1 + afr. Afr's go back to normal 14.7:1 range as soon as driving and up in the rpm range, it's just at idle, and is lumpy as a rotary too. I am thinking slight air leak through manifold-end o-rings on one or more injectors, enough to make it run lean, but any further thoughts or feedback would be appreciated.
      Further info
      - when coilpack connections are pulled off one at a time it becomes a definite misfire, so all cylinders are still firing, just not fully/normally.
      - fuel pressure is still fine, 2.5bar at idle, changes under load/vac.
      - ign timing is still fine and 15 deg (Had tuned up idle and timing just before i did this job, was idling bang on 800-830rpm where i want it, and 15 deg timing). 
      - new throttle body gasket was fitted too. 
      - Only issue before doing this was the slight fuel spray/leak, the car itself was running freakin fantastic, and pulling out/refitting the injectors and rail was all that was done - apart from removing/refit all the other shizz you need to, to get to the fuel system.
    • By SkylineYacht33
      Hey all, first post, I’ve come here for help as I can’t find any information elsewhere. I recently purchased a Blitz SBC type S and installed it on my r33 GTST. Car is almost completely stock except for exhaust and filter. The issue I’m having is my car boosts to roughly my target (12.5-13 psi) and then falls off in the high end to around 4-5 pounds of boost. The controller has 3 settings, duty, gain, and p gain. Has anybody experienced this or have a set of settings that works for them that I could steal? There’s next to no information on the internet on this particular boost controller and the translated manual is basic at best. Thanks in advance 
    • By N155@N
      Hi SAU,
      Need some OEM rb26 cams from either an r32 or r33 GT-R (silver crank angle sensor models)
      Prefer to pick up here in Victoria, around east to south-east suburbs.
      Budget: not really sure on what there worth, but seen them for around $100 to $200 for pair. Happy to trade for anything I've currently got listed for sale.
      Need them as I plan to remove the mismatched cams from my setup to improve low to mid response. 
      In case anyone's interested, cams I have now are HKS step2 INT: 264 10.22 EXH: 272 10.0, could possibly work a deal if you want these cams.
    • By GRKGTR
      Selling RB26 splitfire coilpacks from an R33 but used on my 32 for about 6 months..
      Reason for sale: Upgraded
      Price: $250.00
      Located: Western Sydney
      Contact: PM

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