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  1. I wouldn't think that the knock sensor would be causing a warm idle issue. Maf would. Mine comes up with 0 starts after resetting the ECU. If you turn the car all. Leave it for 5 minutes start it again does it come up with 1 start?
  2. Good luck mate. Let me know if i can help at all.
  3. Hi yes, sorry forgot to post the fix. The cas on mine went bad. The post that spins was really hard to spin. Got a replacement and fixed all the issues. Later took the broken one apart and lubed up the bearings and that fixed it. Put the ex-broken one back in the car and it's been running fine since. After it did what was in the video it would just stall and sometimes start again, some times not.
  4. I'll be there, just on the bike. Because the R34 is running like shit
  5. Hey All, I just wanted to do a write up for a tail light mod to make all the 4 rings light up on my R34. As stock (Mine at least) only the outer ring lights up, and i'm not a fan of this. (What mine looked like stock) So to do this you will need - 6x diodes (i just used some 3A rated jaycar ones) - Some heat shrink - Soldering gear To start you will need to remove the lights from the car. you need to remove the boot lining then you will find the 4 nuts that hold on the tail lights. Once these are out you will need to disconnect the connector then remove the assembly from the car. In my car i had this annoying sticky wrap on the cable. Removing this is a pain as it sticks to everything. Once this is removed you will want to wire in 3 diodes same as this diagram. I forgot to note down what colour the indicator light cable was. but this diagram should be correct (at least on a 98) it may be different on other years. After making this change on both sides when you press the brakes both sides should light up. If your interior lights come on when press the brakes you put in diode that goes between the 2 other diodes backwards. When you are all done it should look something light this when you press that brakes. I think it looks way better than stock. How legal is this? I don't know but i can imagine a cop pulling you over for having too many brake lights. I thought this was pretty straight forward to do but couldn't find any other write up's with exactly how to do it. Hope this helps for anyone that trying to do the same thing. Any questions let me know.
  6. Yeah, I'm not sure how I'll go with the clock spring yet. I'll have to give it a look on the weekend. But I want to put stereo controls on the wheel anyway so hopefully I can do both. Yeah I'll see how I go but if I do I will for sure do a write up
  7. Wow awesome write up. Gonna have to look at making this work for my R34.
  8. If you check I think it's just Jap they have lightened fly Wheels for sale. I don't see them come up sake used very often.
  9. I'm pretty sure the tach gets the RPM from the ECU, that reads it from the can angle sensor. If you want to put an after market gauge in, get the input from the wire being the gauge cluster.
  10. Yeah, just do what Ben said. Just keep the Ecotec. Flog it till you kill it. Then just put another one in.
  11. Could be stolen, call the cops let them know about it. Not sure about TAS but you might be able to look up the plates to check.
  12. Could be the CAS. Have a look at that. Good luck with the fix.
  13. And you can tell a neo because it has a different CAS. It has a plastic cover unlike the others which is metal
  14. I'm not sure if they need to be GTR ones. Maybe that's something someone who has a sedan could help you with.
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