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Track Day Weekend - Phillip Island


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Just a quick thread to gauge interest in another Trackday weekend. The Winton one just past was great with a number of guys having their first track outting.

PIARC is holding their next round of sprints on August 21-22. Their system works in that the Saturday is a practice day (non timed) and Sunday is competition day.

I believe passengers are allowed on the Sat but that needs to be confirmed.

Entries aren't out yet so I don't know 100% costs but I believe that they are about $100 for each of the days. You don't have to do both - you can do either the Sat or Sunday but of coarse you can do both.

These weekends book out fast as a rule so decisions would have to be made quickly after it was opened.

I'd look at doing the same as Winton and booking some accomidation down there an make a fun weekend out of it.

But unlike Winton - you will need full CAMS L2S licence and all the fun things that go with propper track days (fire extinguishers, etc)

If your interested - post up here!


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Good stuff, ill be there, thats 4 weeks to get my car ready, surely that wont be an issue!

Worthwhile posting a link in NSW or SA Events? (Bold is confirmed both nights and needign accomodation) PM otr email me at [email protected] if you need accommodation

So who will be coming:

1. Snowman - accom & both days

2. Roy - Fri/Sat night accom and both days

3. IceSupra - accom & both days

4. skylinegeoff - both nights ...do you need accom?

5. ferni , no accom only Saturday

6. Scotsman - Fri/Sat night and both days

7. Adzmax - accom & both days

8. Bepo ????

9. skylinesteve -????

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Bepo - I've heard 2 arguements to the Phillip Island - first timers story.

There is no arguement that Phillip Island is the fastest, scariest and most dangerous track (maybe Bathurst excepted) in Oz.

So some say that it's no good for first times because of this.

However - I have had more people say that Phillip Island is good for first timers as then you don't go to hard the first time you are there! (So those of us with track experience are more at risk going to Phillip Island for the first time that what those who are doing their first track day are - because first timers will be more cautious)

They say that 95% of club track day racers never get over 70% at Phillip Island in their life.

All I can say is this - your first day out on the track you won't have problems because you will be going so damn slowly. We have all been like this. (Good example was the last outting at Winton where the only 2 idiots to spin were the guys that had been on a track before! LOL) But this weekend is good for first timers because the Sat is non-timed practice - so theres no pressure. They also have trained drivers offering help that will come around in the car with you on the Sat if you want.

My first track day had 4 warm up laps then went straight into competition at Sandown. I'd rather a weekend like this.

As for whats required:

CAMS L2S (you'll need to be a member of a club to get this)

Fire Extinguisher (mounted) - $29 from Kmart

Secondary Bonnet Restraint (can be bonnet pins or just a simple rope)

Steel Valve Caps ($8 from Autobarn)

Return Valve Springs (modern cars have this already)

Blue Triangle showing location of the battery (can use blue electrical tape or else can buy one from a race shop for $2)

Wrist to Ankle clothing (non-flamable)


Spare pair of jocks (just in case)

Its going to be fun! :)

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Does the L2 license require a doctors check up or certificate or something?

All of the requirements should be easy but where would be a good place to buy a helmet and what kind of $ are we talking?

One last thing, the ankle to wrist clothing, does it have to be a certain material?

B :)

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nah L2S just requires you to fill in a form and be a member of a cams affiliated club, and $90ish for the year.

Helmet....there are a lot of different opinions but personally I just went for a motorbike helmet, nice and cheap. Don't worry about the brand or model so much, the most important thing is that it fits properly and is comfortable.

Clothing...generally they require it to not be synthetic, jeans and a long sleve t shirt are normally OK. Some sprints might require a race suit but not often, you will need to check the supplementary regulations for the event to be sure

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Yeah Bepo - down on Nepean Hwy in Brighton there are like 4 motorbike shops in a row - I got mine from there - cost me $100.

I don't have a race suit - I wear a pair of cotton pants and a long sleeve t-shirt. I don't have gloves or anything like that either.

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was going to suggest borrowing a helmet of a friend who owned a motorcycle. is what my brother did for his track days.

he installed a fire extinguisher and i think had a spring fitted to his throttle. dunno, he was very secretive, since he was taking my parents car to this without them knowing until the day.

dunno about the bonnet restraints, i hate the look of the clips that pop through the bonnet. dont think anything else was done to his car. find out closer to the day.

can you say little shit?


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