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  1. We have similar rules here in Aus with regards to headlights. What I'm wondering is how will you convert headlights to RHD? These cars never came in RHD so a quick swap is not an option.
  2. Car looks great! Really clean! I look forward to updates. You Northerners have a few good build threads on this forum.
  3. Poor girl has some history. Hopefully you paid the right money for it. It'll be a great project if you have the money to put into it. Just make sure you really do you homework and read a lot of *recent* posts as a lot has changed since this forum started 20 years ago. Good luck, I look forward to the updates. Btw considering R33's were never sold in a RHD market what are you planning to do to the headlights?
  4. Welcome Stu. I'd ask in the car audio section of the site. It'll get the attention of the right members that way.
  5. Welcome to ! You'd be better off asking in the stagea section to get the attention of people who might know.
  6. Welcome Cody. Any pics of the old girl?
  7. This is fantastic! Do you feel like popping your how-to into the DIY section? I reckon there'd be a lot of folks keen to try. (BTW, I totally love the sig!!)
  8. This is nuts! A full, bare metal, 6-12 month, restoration for old GTRs performed by Nissan! The price is a bit nuts too. http://japanesenostalgiccar.com/nismo-restored-car-program-nissan-skyline-gtr-r32/
  9. What happens when you try to attach pics? There should be no issues.
  10. To be clear, the seats would only be for the track and I'd be swapping them out for the street. That said, I'm not interested in doing anything to compromise my safety. Initially I was looking at seats from other cars to use for the reason that they are OEM and strong. I wasn't aware that the rails are not ADR approved even if the knock-off seats were. I did look at M3/M4 seats but holy smokes, they're worth as much as the car almost. Maybe once I fix the body roll I'll have less reason for seats.
  11. The Just Jap Brides look pretty good. I love that the rails cost more than the seats!
  12. Yeah I agree. I can't really understand why the Gov feels it needs to get involved. Why do there need to be rules about whether you can negotiate on a price or not?
  13. Honda and Mercedes keen to use a fixed price model to remove dealer negotiations. Interesting points in the article about dealers no longer needing to carry so much stock but I'm not sure it's going to be good for the dealers in the long run. https://www.caradvice.com.au/903067/canberra-debates-honda-and-mercedes-plan-to-fix-new-car-prices/
  14. Yes! I love her! How good are those front seats!? She needs a name.
  15. Yeah I wont be going as far as a cage. This is still a daily and I regularly have my kids in the back. The Velo seats look good though and well priced!
  16. Ok, so now that I have some decent tyres to use at Wakefield I need to work on keeping myself secure. I was flopping around all over the place. I love my seats but they do nothing to help me stay in place. Back in the day you could get WRX seats pretty cheap but I don't remember them being very supportive and I'm a fairly large guy and in need of some support. Is a fixed back seat good to use on the day? Could swap the seats. Last fixed seat I tried (a Bride in my GTR) was super tight. Once I have a seat I can look at reducing my body roll and then I can start lapping Wakefield in under a minute. And a half.
  17. Unlike the lads above I think the price is ok. Looking at carsales the first manual non turbo is $25k with 150,000 k's on it. Though its likely to be a factory manual, it does give some food for thought. The auto R34 GT's start at 13k. So, for me, 20 is ok, but 17 - 18 would be better. For reference, the first GTT is $30k but an auto.
  18. Hi Luke and welcome to ! How does it drive? Any noises? Any oil leaks? Hows the suspension and tyres? Have you checked if it's straight? Bodykits sometimes mean hidden damage. Interesting that somebody would do the manual conversion on a non turbo also. Is it the original engine? Any pics?
  19. Damn, car looks fantastic! Welcome to I definitely look forward to more updates on this.
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