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Found 10 results

  1. JimmyRickard

    Was looking into a variety of options for gauges and rev counters etc. and thought it would probably be cheaper just to get a dash that does everything. Found this puppy on eBay or there's the racepak from Haltech what are you guys using? what do you recommend? I don't have a particular need for data logging, although it would be nice. after buying the dash, what sort of costs are you looking at to get it installed? I wanna see some photos too of them installed. show us ya dash!
  2. mattie4270

    1000m SPRINTS So Racewars has been run and some good times.I reckon the 1000m events are great, need you guys to get more involved.What better car can you get for a standing 1000m run????
  3. Ricky_Bobby

    Hey Guys, So I am slowly trying to get my 33 ready for some motorsport this year, being a novice to this I dont want to rush in and buy a heap of instruments that wont serve much purpose or have any real benefit above what the standard GTST cluster gives. I think the no brainer one is my autometer boost gauge, I was then thinking of getting the matching Oil Pressure and Air Fuel ratio. The oil pressure because of the threads I am reading about RB series motors having issues with track work, then Air Fuel ratio just to make sure I am not leaning out. Would you agree ? , or do you think I dont need these, do need these, need more gauges ? I dont want to end up with a dash full of stuff I cant read whilst driving or end up with gauges showing me things that the stock cluster does fine, or even things I dont really need to know. But in saying that, would hate to blow up a perfectly good RB25DET for the sake of not knowing I was running to lean etc. What are your thoughts ?
  4. Yo! This might be useful for you guys who attend, or plan on attending more motorsport and car events I've put together a list of the Top 10 things that I wish someone told me when I first picked up a camera and headed track side. A lot of whats in there is common sense, but a lot of it so simple it gets overlooked until it's pointed out or you accidently stumble upon the realization! If you've got any feedback on the article I'd be happy to hear it (good or bad) I haven't written for a while and I was pretty dusty when I put it together. Anyway, ENJOY! I hope it helps you
  5. [SUCC] + HSCCV SandownStorm @ Sandown Raceway Aug 27th Next track day is up: SandownStorm @ Sandown Raceway. SUCC Motorsport is teaming up with HSCCV to deliver one of the best quality circuit days this year! Sandown Raceway full track featuring timed and untimed sessions to cater to both those who wish to push their cars to the limits and compete for the best times possible, as well as a come and try session for those who want an introduction to circuit driving! $220 - Timed session including Dorian Hire $205 - Come and try session - No timing (Max 20 Entries) There will be trophies for best in each class. This is to be treated as a competitive event for those who are not come and try entrants! Supp regs TBA Entries will open soon, more info coming this week
  6. Every week or so I come across one or two Motorsport video/documentaries, some I post in the F1 thread and some I don't. I hate posting them in the F1 thread because once the page has passed the videos are lost amongst all the BS some people go on with in that thread and that's why I'm starting this thread so we can have a place to post cool and interesting Motorsport videos. First up is a documentary about Jim Clark.
  7. (yes this is also listed in the Stagea section, if i have to downsize to one thread leave this one here please ) For sale i have a custom high mount twin turbo setup off an R32 GTR. Basically everything you need here to change from low mount to high mount (bar a couple of dash fittings for the block) In this kit you will get: 2x Garrett 2860 -7 turbos (NOTE: please read at the bottom regarding turbo condition) 2x steampipe manifolds made by Garage 7 - T2 flange 2x custom 2.5" dump pipes with 5 bolt flanges (where they combine into one, they become a 3.5" pipe with a 3 bolt flange) 2x custom intake pipes with Drift brand air filters (these pipes can be trimmed shorter to fit AFMs) All custom braided oil feed / drain and coolant feed / return lines (see note at bottom also regarding extra fittings) Custom Y pipe to meet up with factory rubber intercooler pipe joiner (obviously to suit R32 engine bay) Vaccum hose for both actuators (with heat shield sleeving) Oil feeds are -6 Coolant feed / return are -8 Oil drains are -10 (teflon braid used for these) This setup made 355rwkw / 500nm on 20psi, and had a lot better midrange compared to stock low mount manifolds. Has a unique sound too From the stock setup, you will need to add / modify the BOV recirculation (i have removed my factory BOV pipework, it just needs a pipe teed into the y pipe before the joiner) or remove it all You will also need to relocate the power steering resevoir to allow clearance for the rear intake pipe (i was easily able to move it to the bracket that held the carbon canister on the radiator support panel between the radiator and the back of the LH headlight). Small piece of hard line "bundy tube" and the job is done Regarding fittings: You will require a few Speedflow/Powerflow/Aeroflow style "dash" fittings to complete the job, i still require the ones that arent supplied. One picture Regarding turbo condition: The rear turbo (the one pictured with the longer hot pipe snout) has had a bearing failure. Has been quickly checked and will require a rebuild. I would get the other checked at the same time just for piece of mind Basically whats pictured is what you get. Its a unique look, and needs a good home. Ive decided to go down a single turbo path on my 26, so no longer can use any of this gear. All of the stuff was made up last year, and the car has been driven next to nothing in that time Im looking for $1750 for the whole kit, but i am negotiable too. Contact me via PM for any more information Will freight interstate, let me know of your postcode and i'll try and get the best price possible Pics
  8. PranK

    Check out the Nissan Micra Cup cars in Canada. Nismo suspension, roll cage, seat, brakes and tyres etc, $20k Canadian. I love this thing! I wonder how well it would make a daily... Maybe this is similar to the cup that Duncan used to race in (Mirages, right?) From the source article; So Awesome. What do you think? I reckon it'd be a blast! I wonder if you can buy one to use privately and not as part of the cup?
  9. SmashBoxx

    Hey all. Been a while since I've been on here but I thought I'd make a build thread for my latest build. I never kept memories of building my last drift car so I'll just do this one. Currently in the process of throwing a LSA crate motor from Holden into a R32 gtst. I have a L98 and both T56 and TR6060 on hand also so not sure which box to go with just yet. I'll be making having mounts and exhaust done custom and will be using the GM engine controller kit and accessory drive kit. Plans currently for the common oil starvation issue with the LS series in high G forces are Moroso baffled and trapdoor sump and 4L accusump. Don't have many photos for now as everything is in pieces. Will update as things progress.
  10. PervertedPanda

    Hey guys, I thought I would start a dedicated thread for this question instead of hijacking my own build thread. We are building a Sports Sedan and have an RB power plant we are building for 500+rwkw. Question is...... Haltech or Motec? Already have The Haltech PS2000 and Racepak Dash. But some people have been saying go Motec at this stage. Thoughts?