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  1. Go and have a chat with Sean and Bruce at Hurstbridge - in the old Brock servo. They don't mind taking difficult jobs. Also, I'm in Hurstbridge and drive a yellow c34 with a black bonnet so say Gday if you spot me.
  2. Lol...did you use talk to text? Makes sense then being you're from Radelaide. I'm going to call you Christopher Pyne from now on
  3. No one wants this or parts off it? Decided I'm happy to unbolt stuff and send it if it's small enough. It goes to scrap metal in three weekends.
  4. Is it likely I've seen you driving through Ivanhoe at some point in time?
  5. Technically an 8 door. There were three more in the back of the Stag.
  6. Towed something last weekend ? Did it easy.
  7. Really good condition. Very little rust. I thought it must have been resto'ed at some point in it's life but the guy I bought it from has owned it for over 30 years and it hasn't been. It's got an L20 running straight LPG and a T03. 5 speed stumpy, alloy flywheel and custom built clutch, R180 LSD, disc rear, adjustable rear trailing arms, front volvo 2 spot and 298mm discs, bilsteins all round, front and rear sway bars. Lots or good stuff. Needs some panel damaged fixed, the few rust spots taken care of, a ton of rewiring done and a good clean. Once that's done I'll get the gas bottle recertified or replaced, remove the turbo and get it running on straight gas then get it through rego. After that the turbo will go back on. It's currently 180ish rwhp with NA like response which is plenty for me. I don't want massive HP. I think you lose the essence of what these things are when you push big HP through them.
  8. Personal loan. There might be a few boutique asset finance companies who'll do grey's, but they'll charge you as high or higher than personal rates but also hold a caveat on your car. If you do find car finance for grey's, their advertised rate will be a load of bollocks. They are allowed to quote base rate before fees. Once they load up app fee, origination fee, brokerage and monthly fee the real rate will likely be worse than personal loans. If you want, tell me where you are and I'll put you in touch with a good finance broker.
  9. Stock Neo replacement, HG 21u Highflow on e85. It'll sing a responsive 300rwkw tune for half a million kays. Benefit of HG is cost, support, ease of install, reliability, upgradeability and suitability for RBs. Tao has basically made it his life's mission to build the perfect turbo range for RBs, bless his little cotton socks.
  10. Used my sucker to go pick up the latest toy purchase other day. I love my Stag. Fast and versatile!
  11. I'll be hanging onto this for a fortnight at which point it'll be sent to the recyclers.
  12. C34 RS - rolling shell minus a heap of bits Passing on the Stag to the next person. It's rolling shell RS - so 2WD Auto - non-sunroof Missing the following: Motor Tranny Cup holders Drivers side mirror Rear section carpet pieces Various clips around boot Tail lights Head lights Driving lights Bonnet is buggered Good bits still there: Front bar Reo bar All glass (except windscreen - it's busted) Doors (rears missing handles) Diff Passenger side mirror Interior - in really good condition ABS Module Steering wheel Body perfectly straight and rust free. Perfect if you needed to reshell a stacked Stag. Most of the interior is there and in excellent condition. NOTE - WHEELS DO NOT COME WITH THE CAR - YOU WILL NEED TO BRING SOME WHEELS TO ROLL IT ON - ALTHOUGH AM HAPPY TO TAKE OFFERS ON THE WHEELS - TYRES ARE ROOTED. Make an offer. Not interested in parting it out, but if you have a need that's a simple one, hit me with it and if I can be assed I might pull it off for you. Pickup from HURSTBRIDGE in Vic afterhours or on weekends.
  13. Congrats, looks great with the CC03s.
  14. You didn't call me on shit. What you have is an opinion. As do I. Thing is you present your opinion as fact and declare anyone who disagrees as an idiot. Unless you have some empirical data then don't be an ignorant flamin mongrel and actually have a discussion and present your opinion in a manner that doesn't present you as a know it all asshole. It's not hard. And, to reiterate, I made it quite clear there was no logic behind the cooler choice. Not sure how many times I have to say this. The rest of it made total sense and if you actually go back and have a look at the system you put together there is very little separating them. You've also pulled some dollar figures out of your backside. Glyn has said he wants to keep it under $3k. He hasn't said he wants to spend a minimum amount. Put your $2200+ build alongside my $1600 build and the difference will be 5/5ths of f**k all. So why spend the extra?
  15. It does make sense, buy you are right. I know I specc'ed a Z mobo but it was the best in the price range on the ones on the Centrecom custom builder site. My opinion is around $200 is the sweet spot for mobos. Revisiting the mobo selection I should actually have specc'ed something like this - http://www.centrecom.com.au/gigabyte-h170-gaming-3-socket-lga-1151-atx-motherboard-ddr4
  16. Yeah, sorry bout that. I'll put up with shit for a while but when I reach my threshold, nothing gets held back. When someone prefaces everything with what basically amounts to "you don't know a thing" then my threshold will get reached quickly.
  17. It's not a lack of knowledge you arrogant cun7. It's a difference of opinion. I've already f**king stated that cooling is subjective. I only put the water cooler in because, as I f**king quoted, "I love my H100". How many times do I need to draw your attention to it? For a typical gaming rig OC'ing is f**king worthless. 3 years from OCing? I call bullshit. The 1060 is amazing bang for buck. Of course there are better options, but they'll cost you and for little to no gain. If you can't involve yourself in a discussion without being a sanctimonious f**kstick, you probably should stay out.
  18. I'm the same. Have built dozens of systems for home and work and never had an issue with anything Gigabyte.
  19. You should have finished reading the thread before posting. All CPUs put out heat, but as I said on my very next post, cooling is subjective. And all CPUs get hot. My build makes total sense. Overclocking is a load of shit. 32Gb RAM is pointless. A 1060 will do everything pretty much anyone wants these days, and for the foreseeable future, and is great bang for buck. An 800W PSU is more than enough. SSDs are not bottlenecks so go for size over speed.
  20. Oh, also I know coolers are very subjective. I love my H100 water cooler, but understand some people prefer air coolers.
  21. So much overkill. As has been said, the PSU is overkill. That thing will humm on an 800w PSU. And OCed CPU is basically useless for a general rig/gaming rig. The difference will be zip. m2 SSDs are unnecessary. Read/write speeds of G1SSds aren't a bottleneck now so you likely will get zero net gain in performance going to the m2. I'd go for space over speed. 32Gb is useless. 16Gb is the sweet spot although still pretty much unnecessary but the cost difference between 8 and 16 is negligible. 3200mhz RAM is also pointless. You'll not see any difference between that and 2666mhz. If I were building a new PC today, this is what I would do: Note: Not OCable CPU. Case is very subjective so I kinda plucked a random one. Includes $80 labour which I wouldn't pay cause I'd assemble it myself. I'm a bit of a Gigabyte whore, but the ASUS GPU is a pretty well positioned card cost wise. I've used Samsung, SanDisk and Intel SSDs at work a lot and had zero issues.
  22. That's it, I'm f**king convinced. The school holidays have started and I was unaware.....
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