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  1. Buy this: https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Toyota-Corolla-1995/SSE-AD-4619663/?Cr=3 Drive it until you're fully licensed then buy a GTT.
  2. Is this sold? If not, I'll take it, assuming iMick doesn't want it.
  3. I bought one of these when I had a baby on the way. Great family car. Sorry to hear about your leg, dude. GLWS.
  4. Nice car. That stretch looks f**king shithouse. That water tank the one up the top of Goonellabah?
  5. So, the cheap ones are shit. I think that's a given. Beyond that, what are people using? What have people got that they could recommend? I want to replace the headunit in my Pulsar, pref with one with Android mirroring.
  6. I'd like to see peoples IC setups. Specifically for a Stag, but in reality R34s will be similar. My cooler tapped out at 235kw. I cannot, for the life of me, decide what to do to replace it. i do not want to cut any sheet metal. Reo is fine (in fact already cut thanks to a meeting with Skippy). Ideas? Preferably not one one the mega dollar Nismo/PWR type arrangements. Something somewhat affordable.
  7. I assume that cooler isn't return flow? How to you plumb it in without cutting battery trays or anything?
  8. What cars are advertised for and what they sell for are generally two very different things.
  9. The important point, which I think is what Kiwi was getting at, is the interchangeability not if they are actually the same box. Stag, R33 GTR and GTS-4 boxes are all interchangeable.
  10. What is the actual process now? I believe VicRoads does some type of inspection. Is this just for correct numbers or some form of roadworthy? Also does SAUVic do other marques, ie. Datsuns? I have a 1600 that I will put on club reg once it's done. Who can I speak to about Club Reg?
  11. Necrothread. I love having a tow bar
  12. He can do one for anything. Give him a call. Expect it to be around $750 unless you can get a few together like we did for the Stageas.
  13. Sat next to a pearl white Autech M35 at the Rosanna boom gates last friday arvo. I was on a black sportsbike. Very tidy car. Anyone here?
  14. Bargain. Don't budge on that price. Such hot, hot wheels. If they were 8.5s I'd buy em and put them on my Pulsar Doubt 10.5's would fit without a set of flared guards. Like Mini style flares
  15. Not obscuring the number plate would likely help your cause. Not sure why people do that. What do you suppose others will do with that already public information?
  16. Damn. That thing looks mint. Here hoping for a speedy, damage free return.
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