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We regularly get requests from customers to build them complete turnkey R35 GTR solutions. We have a car on the way from UAE for a complete top to bottom build up, and one from Asia. Here is the kind of work these clients request - and a good insight as to what can be done to tailor the R35 GTR to individual requirements :blush:

This is not an advertisement for our business, but something that a true R35 enthusiast should find interesting.


This vehicle sports the complete Password JDM Carbon treatment. From the inlet snorkels through to the raised rear wing. Full carbon fibre bonnet, boot, vents, parcel shelf, and the result is stunning visual excellence. Super Silver + complete carbon is certainly one that delivers maximum visual impact :(


The GR6 transmission has received internal upgrades in the form of a strengthened first gear and shaft assembly, upgraded gearbox fastener system WR35CC, high transfer clutches, WR35TM fluid, WR35TC-F Front Mounted transmission cooler. This transmission is engineered to cope with 700ps continuous from the VR38DETT engine, and has been carefully hand assembled and blueprinted. Here our leading GTR technicians Mark Tilbrook and Gareth Norton prepare the transmission


ARC intercoolers cool the charge air form the engine, which has been removed from the chassis to allow fitment of the larger WR35TT upgraded turbochargers we developed. Fuelling the engine comes from a set of 800cc upgraded fuel injectors, and tuning will be carried out on our Mainline AWD dyno with the standard engine management system being thoroughly remapped. There is also a larger engine oil cooler, front differential cooler, the list goes on :)


Part of the engines durability package is our WR35OP High Volume Oil Pan assembly that takes engine oil capacity out to over 7 litres, which is important in high power continuous load applications. This fitts back under the factory undertrays without any modification, and allows extended service interval if required due to the greater volume. You can also see the Cobb sway bars with matching Eibach springs


Our WR35TT turbocharger upgrade retains IHI turbocharger cores upgraded to ball bearing which allows all of the high quality factory lines bolt directly back into place. With a substantial yet carefully planned compressor and turbine upgrade along with 200KPa actuators we are expecting substantial power gains from these turbochargers


A quick shot of the underside showing WR35DC rear differential cooler, the upgraded WR35TC transmission cooler pan, the WR35MP midpipes assembly, and a host of other goodness. If anyone is interested to see more then please let me know :)

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Interesting Martin. With the sway bars, how difficult (or otherwise) was it to fit the front and rear ones? The front one looks easier than the rear?

Duncan both of the sway bars were replaced with the subframe assemblies of the GTR removed, which makes the task simple, but doesnt effectively answer your question :)

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Martin those parts look great, nice to see some good international business going your way. I was very impressed and so was my local garage at the build quality of the Willall transmission cooler. Its a beautiful kit you guys build some awesome high end components. I must say the gear changes in my GTR are alot smoother now with your oil over standard too, diff and tranny just feel smoother at normal changes.

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Transmission upgrades vary on the nature of the work required (there are many options)

Please contact us via email from the willallracing.com.au site for any pricing information as we do not wish to be seen advertising here.

Edited by Martin Donnon
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I must say Martin I would appreciate it it if you never show photos like that again.

I promised myself that the GTR would be a car that I did not modify, however the turbo upgrade, the carbon engine cover, diff cooler and the map upgrades now have me thinking.....

maybe just another 20k on mods and I could be happy.......for a while.

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There certainly is some merit in your thought process Gibbo :thumbsup:

I will personally spend some time mapping this engine combination over the next week or so to craft a perfect ADM 800cc injector upgrade turbo map for our packages. We can also quite happily help you out with an upgraded ADM map for your stock injector car, its well worth the effort :D

Factory management tuning has been my game for 20 years or so now, the R35 mapping is just like home :)

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This is not an advertisement for our business, but something that a true R35 enthusiast should find interesting.

I have to disagree,,,I read this as a real advertisement and I think you should pay SAU to advertise your skills and know-how like everybody else.


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