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  1. Seen it a number of times; the upright is bent Thanks! @robbo_rb180
  2. http://alphaomegaracing.com/p/106/c/72/Z32/ALPHA-OMEGA/Evo-350mm-Brembo-Brakes-Rear.html
  3. I just happen to be putting the final touches on R35 Brembos onto an R34, which is basically identical in fitment to R33 and R32 (and for the Silvia guys they'll basically fit S13, S14, S15). The ones I worked on are the late-model brakes with 390mm rotors and they definitely fit under 18" TE37SLs; no finished photos yet but here's a few random ones. The second photo with lots of caliperse are - starting from the yellow working clockwise: - FPV Brembo monoblocks @ 6/4pot - EVO lancer @ 4/2pot - R35 @ 6/4pot - R34 GTR @ 4/2pot And rotors wise they are; R34 GTR @ 324mm, EVO 10 @ 350mm, R35 OEM @ 390m and R35 AP Racing @ 390mm. Whether you NEED them or not is another question lol
  4. Custom 6pot Brembo + 390mm rotors TE37RT 18x10.5+11 Brakes info here: http://alphaomegaracing.com/p/219/c/73/Z33/Brembo/R35-Brembo-Killers.html
  5. I can make them. Here's one I'm just about to finish - CNC machined full billet - for the TE37 superlap/rigidtune which aren't meant to have centrecaps. Rays have adapters but people complain those fall out because the o-ring perishes. Where are you located pr34?
  6. http://alphaomegaracing.com/p/127/c/72/Z32/ALPHA-OMEGA/GROUP-BUY-Evo-350mm-Brembo-Rear-Brakes.html
  7. Great condition, no repairs, no punctures, lots to almost as-new tread remaining. What you see is exactly what you'll get. Pick up in south Parramatta/NSW. Price = 999. Ship $180 Australia wide excluding rural.
  8. Prices dropped: GTR R34 Brembo = $2000 now $1900 S15 rear 5 stud hubs = $150 now $120 S15 spare wheel = $50 now $40 R33 rear handbrake shoe pivot = $20 now free if you buy something else 4x Bosch 2200cc injectors = $200 now $180
  9. WTB: r33 gtst RWD shifter / gear stick Happy to pay shipping to Sydney, or pickup, thanks!
  10. GTR34 Brembo's, Bosch 2000cc injectors, 5 stud rear hubs, handbrake pivot, spare wheel No holds and no shotguns, nothing is sold till it's paid for or a deposit is put down. I can ship anything anywhere if you pay for it. Pickup is available no probs. Location: Homebush/Sydney - GTR R34 Brembo painted red (yes it's R34 GTR gold under the red), front and rear set, freshly machined rotors, lots of pads, not separating not separating not separating not separating = $2000. S15 rear 5 stud hubs = $150 S15 spare wheel = $50 R33 rear handbrake shoe pivot = $20 4x Bosch 2200cc injectors = $200 - No holds and no shotguns, nothing is sold till it's paid for or a deposit is put down. I can ship anything anywhere if you pay for it. Pickup is available no probs. Location: Homebush/Sydney
  11. WTB: z32 manual gearbox, any condition, any location As the title states
  12. They're made specific to each car, if you're talking about the Alpha Omega Racing stuff, so if he has an R34 GTR then he buys the R34 GTR kit and bolt it on. Other than the bending (I prefer completely removing) the backing plate to make room for a larger rotor - which you must do for all brake upgrades - they are 100% bolt on, no sleeving no tapping no modifying whatsoever... provided you buy the right parts for the car. Bias wise any front-only upgrade will move the bias forward - that's a given. Standard R34 GTR bias is 70:30 and R34 GTR NUR-spec bias is 68:32. With the matching front and rear upgrade the Evo 350mm Brembo bias is 69:31, this makes it a perfectly perfect bias. All the technical specifications are listed and also within contains a link to a 3rd party bias calculator for you to verify: http://alphaomegaracing.com/p/149/c/72/Z32/ALPHA-OMEGA/Evo-350mm-Brembo-Rear-Brake-Adapter-Kit-WTAC-Edition.html If someone like Dan upgrades his R34 GTR to front and rear Alpha Omega Racing braking stuff, there are well founded reasons to believe the car will consistently brake/stop in a shorter distance + be more stable over any duration + have longer rotor and pad life. I hope that information is helpful for somebody reading, cheers
  13. Rear brake pads Brand new Skyline rear brake pads to suit "nissan" calipers, not for brembo, brand = Firepower. $25 I'm located in Sydney/NSW
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