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  1. Have you checked for boost and vac leaks. like a really big one.
  2. Yes Thank you I understand Ok Have a good night. No need to say any more than above.
  3. 160 kw and fwd plus lsd More of a hot hatch then. From 1995
  4. I dint think i have ever seen a good 90s alarm install. I cat take the high ground though i wired my own alarm on a civic once. Remote start remote central locking. "Next weekend" i was going to wire the kill circut. Car disappeared never to be seen again. Oops
  5. I bought the levorg spec b. Really enjoy the car but in two minds on the suspension. I feel its just a little bit harsh and could use more arb and less spring. Only an issue on the rougher pothole roads of Sydney.
  6. The ps2000 supports launch control and anti lag launch. http://www.haltech.com/product/the-platinum-sport-2000/
  7. I would give up if I had to remove a turbo without a jack and axle stand. I have done this many times once on the drive in 35 degrees. You will need to get under the car to get easier access to bolts. For the sake of sanity borrow a stand and a jack...
  8. You have other problems. Post your setup and turbo choice. Have you pressure tested the pipework when the intercooler was fitted? A forward facing as above wont help. The group A racing cars ran the crossover setup.
  9. If your in Sydney I'll come visit [emoji3]
  10. Din is not cheap and he's taken loads of my money. But he also has always done right by me which counts for allot in my book.
  11. Ogh and I'm looking for a neo head if you want to split the costs
  12. Try skylines spares in Sydney he has neos on the shelf.
  13. Sorry to jump in to the thread I have a similar setup I have been plugging at for 6 months. Do you have a dyno graph?
  14. I got a plazman forward facing for a swap. It was for packageing not power
  15. https://www.google.com.au/search?q=time+machine+sau+natcho&oq=time+machine+sau+natcho&aqs=chrome..69i57.5215j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#q=site:sau.com.au+nacho+recipe
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