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  1. Love when people post here first before going to Carsales etc, good stuff and I hope someone buys it! Amazing vehicle.
  2. Looks very clean, congrats on your purchase.
  3. I like this guy. Doesn't sugarcoat shit.
  4. vic 

    Friend has a 285RWKW GTT with stock engine and has been thrashing it for almost a year, still goes strong.
  5. Doubt it due to how old this thread is but god damn that's a clean R34.
  6. I actually feel like Edward Lee's cleaned up their act but could just be him being deceiving again. His cars have been looking legit with all the proof to back it up as of late.
  7. Should just wait.. 35 prices are dropping crazy, there's quite a few cheaper than 34's on Carsales alone.
  8. Some prick will do this up and try and sell it for $40k.
  9. One of the nicest R33's I've seen and I'm not overly excited about R33's.
  10. That colour is definitely the best on an R32, by far.. ideally the colour I want to get. That didn't take you long at all, no messing around! Congrats.
  11. Congrats on the purchase, very good price. Still waiting for pics!!
  12. Is this still relevant? They have a very attractive collection of cars and make them look extremely appealing on Facebook/Carsales. Any updates seeing as though this was over a year ago?
  13. Literally saw a picture of this on a GTR Facebook page today with a boat behind it haha, looks amazing.
  14. Didn't someone else want to swap their A45 AMG for an R32 GTR a while back as well? Unless you're the same guy? Awesome looking vehicle, love the blacked out parts.. looks really special on the white. Good luck finding what you're after.
  15. What an immaculate vehicle.. if I had 100 grand, this is definitely what I'd be getting lol.