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  1. Gymkhana

    Perfection. Jealous of whoever purchases this.
  2. Gymkhana

    Good stuff man will be good to see your progress!
  3. Gymkhana

    Agree with your points although buying someone elses 500hp car is not always the best option. I'd rather a stock/fairly stock and do all the work myself, that's half the fun of having a project car isn't it? Building it to where you want it to be as well as the fact you know the car has probably been thrashed already if it has 500hp.
  4. This is unreal.. can't believe we are witnessing this.
  5. Sooooo sexy man, surprised it hasn't been snatched up already. One day when the time and funds are right I will own a car with a sequential. End goal! GLWS, beautiful car.
  6. Never thought I'd see the day you sold! Amazing car, probably be gone in a few days so no need to say good luck with selling!
  7. Prices are just dumb and getting worse. I love R34's and JDM but for 150 grand I'd be going for an AMG.
  8. Gymkhana

    Looks so good!! I tried to click play on that video like a spaz lol! Any chance of getting it posted here as a video?
  9. Love when people post here first before going to Carsales etc, good stuff and I hope someone buys it! Amazing vehicle.
  10. Gymkhana

    Looks very clean, congrats on your purchase.
  11. I like this guy. Doesn't sugarcoat shit.
  12. Gymkhana

    Friend has a 285RWKW GTT with stock engine and has been thrashing it for almost a year, still goes strong.
  13. Doubt it due to how old this thread is but god damn that's a clean R34.
  14. Gymkhana

    I actually feel like Edward Lee's cleaned up their act but could just be him being deceiving again. His cars have been looking legit with all the proof to back it up as of late.