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  1. jade501

    definitely considered the rb30 and yea i seen the jem r34 didnt a rod just break on it?? not saying im going that high or anything of course and iv read up on your got sum 😉
  2. excited for next building rb28 using ppr block brace. is nitto worth the extra couple grand?? or just spool rb28 kit thought maybe spool crankshaft, Carrillo rods and cp pistons not going for massive power but want to do this once.
  3. jade501

    following I will be doing same with PRP brace (maybe grout filled aswell) once i start building my 2.8
  4. jade501

    This still alive
  5. jade501


    Thats the worst mate sorry to hear [emoji29] i had simular problem and now im going rb30 what stroker where you thinking?
  6. Any updates?? Im also going efr8374 and emtron kv8 interested to see what the your results are
  7. jade501

    Does kit include sensors?
  8. jade501

    Any chance there is a spare crank trigger bracket lying around?? Rather use one of these than a $350 ross bracket [emoji6]
  9. Not having dig or anything but i have trying arrange a 6 boost to make me a manifold for over a month, replied to couple messages with price etc told me he would send his details through the next day but nothing 5 or so messages later nothing. Sinco great customer service organized it within hour of messaging on a weekend
  10. jade501


    Any other progress
  11. jade501


    Nice im going the 60mm gate aswell how much did u pay? Iv changed to the efr8374 now and jay schull works at brisbane injector services was the one that told me 900 for injectors
  12. jade501


    About 900 a set they are suited for e85
  13. Ill go front for r32 gtr and rear wtac kit if we get good number